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Nurse your baby without microplastics

Feb 09, 2023

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Nursing your baby with plastic, nobody would do that, right? Many parents do this without being aware of it, and we understand. Did you know that more than three quarters of baby care products contain microplastics? We were shocked to find microplastics in so much baby care. Luckily, we have the beautiful brand Naïf in our range which has baby care products without these microplastics!

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What are microplastics?

Microplastics are very small tiny pieces of plastic (less than 5 mm in size) that you cannot see with your own eyes. They cannot be seen, but that does not mean they are not there. We already know that (micro) plastic is a huge problem in our ocean, but plastic is really everywhere. You can even find microplastics in the air we breathe and even in your body. 

How dangerous are microplastics?

Not enough research has yet been done on the effects of microplastics on humans. However, several studies show that microplastics can be found in the human body and our organs. For example, microplastics were recently shown to be present in human blood for the first time. Earlier, microplastics were found in placentas of unborn babies. So that they enter our bodies is now certain. But exactly what effect they have there is still unclear. However, scientists do agree that there are clear indications of health effects. Microplastics could possibly be linked to hormone disruption and mental illnesses such as depression and panic disorders. But there is still insufficient evidence for this, so further research is needed before we really know if and what the harm of microplastics is. 

Naïf is here for you and your newborn!

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