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The ultimate guide to wedding makeup

May 16, 2024

The ultimate guide to wedding makeup | Nourished

As wedding season has started, embrace the opportunity to find the look you've always dreamed of! Whether you’re the lucky bride, a stunning bridesmaid, or a gorgeous guest, here at Nourished we have the best makeup products to take you from "I do" to the dance floor and beyond, ensuring your journey to happily ever after is nothing short of enchanting.

Prep for all-day radiance

To begin with, you need to figure out which makeup look you want to go for. Do you want to go all-out or rather stay natural? Whatever look you go for, preparing your skin is crucial to have a hydrated, glowing, or dewy base for your makeup. Start with a cleanser to clean your skin and after that, softly exfoliate your skin so baby cells reveal and your skin is as smooth as possible, after that apply a moisturizer. The Moringa All Beauty Cream is a perfect moisturizer to hydrate the skin AND create the ultimate base for your foundation and makeup. 

Choose your base

Start-off your makeup look with a foundation for flawless coverage. The foundations from Eye of Horus contain SPF, so you are protected from the sun and won't burn your skin on this perfect day. We know during the wedding season the weather is at its best. Want full coverage? Go for the Second Skin Foundation and if you are looking for a more natural-looking look, the Skin Tint Serum Foundation is perfect for you.

You don't want a shiny head in photos, so powder off with the Ere Perez Corn Setting Powder. This ultra-lightweight translucent setting powder naturally absorbs oily residue from the skin, when you sweat easily then don’t forget your Green Tea Oil Control Paper for during the day. Then on to bronzer for a sunkissed glow. The Inika Baked Mineral Bronzer delivers a beautiful sun-enhanced radiance that looks and feels completely natural. Pro tip for wanting to look tanned during your wedding day: self tan! Want to know the best natural tanning for your wedding? Read: The tan bible - best tanning products for your special day.

After bronzer, it’s time to blush and shine with the Complexion Duo from Eye of Horus. Its compactness makes this blush/highlighter duo perfect to take with you and give yourself a touch-up throughout the day!


Eyes to mesmerize

On this special day, your eyes deserve some extra sparkle. The eyeshadow palettes from Eye of Horus are perfect for a both day and night look. Do you want to go all-out and go for a (winged) eyeliner? The Ere Perez Jojoba Oil Pencils
are your best friend.


You may KISS the bride 

Last but not least, the lips! If you are the bride, a long-lasting lipstick is a MUST. The Long Lasting Matte Lipsticks from Kester Black will do this for you. Go for a red lip or a pretty (nude) pink, the choices are endless! More of a gloss kind of girl? Check out our lip glosses

You are guaranteed to shine during this special day, especially with these makeup products you don’t have to worry about your look.