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Natural lubricant

May 15, 2024

Natural lubricant | Nourished

Are you familiar with natural lubricant? Or have you never used it before? A natural lubricant is a pleasant product to have in the bedroom and can be used during sex, as an extra addition or because you are less moist due to circumstances. It can be enjoyed by both men and women. At Nourished, we understand the value of pleasure and comfort for everyone. Whether you enjoy it solo or with a partner, there is something for everyone.

Why a natural lubricant?

You may be wondering, why should I choose a natural lubricant? Some products can cause irritation, but a natural-based lubricant offers a safe solution. Made with only natural ingredients, it respects the intimate zone and the planet. For example, the MyLubie water-based lubricant is made from red algae and calendula, among other ingredients, and the Aloe lubricant consists of soothing organic aloe vera. Enjoy carefree intimacy knowing you are choosing the best for yourself and the world.

Water-based or oil-based lubricant 

There are many different types of lubricants. When choosing between a water-based or oil-based lubricant, it is important to consider what suits you best. For a natural sensation and compatibility with sex toys and condoms, our water-based lubricant is perfect. Want to enjoy pleasure without any limits? Then an oil-based lubricant offers the ideal experience, perfect for (intimate) massages and more.

Best natural lubricant products 

At Nourished you will find the best natural lubricant products from MyLubie and Dame, carefully selected to enhance your pleasure. Want even more fun in the bedroom? Go on a smooth adventure with the Aloe Lube when using a condom and/or sex toy. Or experience the versatility of our oil-based CBD Lubricant, ideal for both sensual adventures and relief from menstrual pain. You can also be enchanted by the seductive scents of Dame's Sex Oil, perfect for massages or as a stimulating lubricant. For solo pleasure and soothing chapped skin, our water-based lubricant from MyLubie is your partner in crime.