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The making of the Nourished Daily coffee scrub bar <3

Mar 25, 2024

Making of Coffe scrub bar, Nourished Daily, natural skincare, soap bars

One of the most exciting things about our job and what we have accomplished is Nourished Daily. We are very lucky to have a good relationship with everyone in the cosmetic lab where we produce our products, so we went to Friesland to help make the Coffee Scrub Cleanse Bar. We also witnessed the progress of the Sensitive Skin Cleanse Bar (and smelled it <3)

Via a series of video's and photo's we will show you how to coffee scrub bar is produced


Prepping before mixing

First, the coconut oil needs to be on temperature, they heat it in a big pot on a cooking plate. When the oil is melted and the right temperature is hit, it's very important to work fast. First, there will be some water added to the melted butter. 

Behind the scenes, coffee scrub bar, Nourished Daily,  natural skincare

Mixing and adding ingredients

While mixing, the following ingredients are added: a mix of all the beautiful oils used in the scrub bar, the rhassoul clay (powder), and the upcycled coffee (gosh that smell). You see the colour quickly changing from clear, to yellow, to the beautiful dark color of the scrub bar.


Molding into shape

After mixing all the ingredients well, the stressful part starts. We have placed several moulds on a table, and the emulsion must be poured there before it becomes too thick and cold.

After all the moulds are filled we pack them in plastic on a pallet and they go into the ripening cabinet. This speeds up the hardening process of the scrub bars (so they can be sooner in your bathroom). Two weeks before the beloved sensitive skin bar was produced, they were packed together. 

The cleansing soap bars need to be cured for about 6 weeks and after that, they get cut, packed, and sent to you.


Process video

Do you want to see the whole process in a movie? Watch it right here:



Voilà the finished product