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Say hello to Vela Days!

Aug 02, 2022

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Welcome to Vela Days

Vela Days believes your lucky day can be every day, when you are using proper skincare. They bottled nature's finest using biotechnology and clinical ingredients so you can do more with less. While spending an hour by candlelight, pampering herself with lotions and potions, Vela Days CEO (and mother of two), Amelia Gartner, believed skincare could be simple, time-saving, and still highly effective. As a result, Vela Days was born.

Vela Days Natural Hemp Skincare

Hemp is in our DNA

Pharmaceutical medicinal cannabis company Greenfield MC creates their efficacious products that utilize the power of clinical-grade, high-quality hemp extracts and oils to create luminous results luxuriously.

Hemp is a powerful potent plant with anti-inflammatory and active healing properties. It has worked for millennia to deeply penetrate pores, moderate oil production, moisturize, and soothe skin.

The name Vela comes from a constellation that can only be seen from the Southern Hemisphere. It reflects the magic of the sky and the power of the earth that is also responsible for their key ingredient, hemp. The company proudly produces their products at home in Australia. Vela Days are the two coming together, things fallen into place and showing you precisely where you're meant to be.

They want to give you the freedom of choice where compromising isn't needed. Their products include the latest technology in hemp innovation, phytochemical-rich plant oils, protective ceramides, bio-clinical actives, and more things you need to apply your efficient skincare effortlessly. Vela Days' mission is you to keep you going; with your skincare, your day, and your life.



Vela Days Vegan Hemp Products



Why are Vela Days Products so unique?

Vela Days skincare products are entirely unique to the market and a game changer in the hemp industry. Each product is a multi-tasking powerhouse that replaces multiple products in your routine.


Sustainability at its core 

Their commitment to sustainable skincare is a constant directive that we are learning more about daily. Fundamentally, our core belief is that if one product delivers many benefits, fewer products are needed, fewer are produced, and fewer resources are utilised. There is no better manifestation to achieve their  of mission than a comprehensive 3-step routine, which replaces over 12 different products.


Backed by Science 

Vela Days products are entrenched in cosmetic science, each taking over two years of scientific development to produce a product that outperforms its competitors and has revolutionised people' s skincare regimes. Let's talk about some products that are made by Vela Days!


Lipid Complex - CannaComplex® Cleansing Balm 


The most viral cleansing balm of 2022, this unique 3-in-1 cleanser is the ultimate when it comes to luxury cleansers. A proprietary blend of omega-rich oils that utilises new technology to create a rich Oil/Gel-to-Milk cleanser enriched with ceramides that melts away impurities and makeup. The gel texture is made from rare plant oils containing vitamins A, B, D & E and Omega 6 & 9 to restore skin, thoroughly purify pores and provide long-lasting moisture for the skin.

This cleanser replaces three different products in your routine;


1. It acts as your oil cleanser on dry skin for a powerful first cleanse 

2. It emulsifies and becomes a rich milk cleanser when mixed with water for your second cleanse

3. The Lipid Complex acts as a rich moisturising face mask when left on for 20 minutes. 

This cleanser is truly iconic and has quickly become their standout product!

Vela Days Lipid Complex Cleansing Balm


Active Compound - CannaComplex® Multi-Active Facial Serum


Often referred to as a 'miracle' serum, the Active Compound's nutrient-rich formula is unlike any other facial serum. In addition, this powerhouse serum replaces over six serums in your routine, so you only need to use one product daily. 
Utilising 55 of the most advanced bio-clinical ingredients, this serum incorporates a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals, peptides, antioxidants and superfood botanical extracts.

This silky, light serum can absorb deep within the skin, delivering nutrients to many layers beneath the surface. 
With many nourishing and renewing ingredients and a formulation that ramps up their performance, the Active Compound acts as multiple serums in one!  The serum:


+ Hydrates the skin

+ Brightens the skin

+ Repairs the skin barrier

+ Feeds the skin with vitamin A, B and C

+ Fights fine lines and wrinkles & plumps the skin

+ Helps the skin to detoxify 


Vela Days Active Compound Serum



Oil Infusion - CannaComplex® Fortifying Oil Serum


The Vela Days Oil Infusion is a luxurious face oil serum formulated with 14 of the most nutrient-rich botanical oils and seven unique brightening actives for nourishing and glowing skin. At the heart of this transformative face oil serum is the amazing Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil that amplifies performance and effectively addresses a broad range of skin concerns.

This oil offers many more functions than just a regular face oil. It incorporates active Phyto extracts to proactively brighten your complexion and Coenzyme Q10 to help strengthen and rejuvenate your skin. This oil acts as your daily face oil, your pigmentation serum, and your daily moisturiser all in one. In addition, it will help repair compromised barrier function and provide a robust, glowing boost for your skin and day.


This oil will give you the 'glow' that will have people complimenting you on your skin all day long!

Vela Days Oil Infusion Serum
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