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Why Choose Natural Beauty Products?

Nov 15, 2017

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Here is a startling fact: The average woman uses 12 products on her skin per day. This exposes her to 185 chemicals that can potentially be absorbed through her bloodstream….every day! - Environmental Working Group 


We are currently applying more chemicals to our skin, more times a day, than ever before in human history!

You see, that beautiful skin of yours is the largest organ of your body. It is a living, breathing jacket that assists in your body’s heat regulation, its ability to excrete nasty toxins and chemicals from your body AND it  also absorbs up to 60% of the ingredients you place on it….eeek!

The really scary part of this is that many of the chemicals we are exposed to through skin care, personal care & beauty products have been linked to:

+ Skin allergies & irritations
+ Hormonal disruption and imbalance
+ Abnormal cellular function and reproduction
+ Altered immunity, liver and other important organ function

Making the switch to natural can seem a little overwhelming and not to mention expensive. So here are our 5 easy tips to clean & green your beauty routine:


+ Define your why - Whether it be your own health & wellbeing, the impact on the environment, to stop animal cruelty or to create global change! Once you decide WHY you want to go natural, it makes it so much easy to prioritise.

+ Educate yourself - Learn about which ingredients to avoid, & which are safe.

+ Read the label - ALWAYS read the label before you make a purchase. Nasties will often be hidden under an alternate name or at the bottom of an ingredients list.

+ Don't be fooled by FAKE natural products - Often products with 'Natural' or 'Organic' in their name are not actually either. By using the terms in the name rather than the description they can easily trick trusting shoppers

+ Change one product at a time - Going natural can seem expensive if you change all of your beauty products at once. We recommend replacing conventional, chemical based products with their natural alternative one product at a time, once you have used up your old one.


    Although we are in the beauty business, neither of us actually wear much makeup. We both prefer a natural look, using minimal products. We do however have a few key items that we use to highlight and define our best features, just for a little lift. Our favourite staple natural products are:

    Our fave for the face

    Bondi Blush van Ere Perez  is perfect for that natural, slightly blushed cheek with a subtle gold shimmer for a little light-catching shimmer. Made from rice-powder the Bondi Blush giving it a beautifully soft, even texture. This can also be used for a touch of colour for the eye-lids.

    Our fave for the eyes

    Ok. Once you try the BIO Lash Lift Mascara from Eye Of Horus you seriously will never go back to your pharmacy purchased, chemical based brand. A lash lifting mascara made from an inspiring 100% vegan and 98% naturally derived ingredient list. The creamy and luxurious formulation acts to add ultra-length, volume, and lift giving a divine panoramic lash-effect that frames any eye beautifully! This mascara really is an all-rounder thanks to included ocean extracts and key botanicals that nourish lashes naturally and promote growth.

    Explore our range of clean mascaras and find your perfect clean & mascara here  

    Ere Perez coco crayons, natural makeup, natural lipstick, lipstick crayon.

    Our fave for the lips

    One of our favourite daytime handbag staples is the Black Cherry tinted lip balm by Hurraw! It has a delicious cherry scent and a deep red sheer tint that is subtle enough for morning, noon or afternoon. Hurraw! Lipbalms are natural, certified vegan, made from premium raw, non-GMO and certified organic ingredients. For a more full- glamour, full-colour pout we love the Ere Perez Lipstick Coco Crayon in Heart.

    Formulated with health-boosting coconut oil that moisturises, conditions and hydrates to stop dry & flaky lips. We love this bold and wearable shade for that power meeting, party or special night out. Ere Perez lipsticks are made with all natural ingredients, are non-toxic & cruelty-free. Bonus? The lipstick crayons are fully recyclable, no plastic used! 

    Not sure which lipstick is best for you? Find your perfect lipstick match here