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Combat dry skin this summer

Jul 04, 2022

Combat dry skin this summer

As the European summer gets underway, pre-pandemic travel levels are returning to normal and the beach has never looked more inviting. But while it's finally business as usual for those long, sunny beach days, ongoing sun exposure can take its toll on the skin. Yes, we love the golden glow, but dry skin can be a downside of too much of a good thing. 

It doesn't take much exposure for the sun's UV rays to penetrate the skin's deeper layers and cause damage to emerging skin cells. While premature ageing, pigmentation and sun spots all form the dreaded sun damage, too much exposure to the best source of vitamin D can also lead to dry skin that can present as a dehydrated, flaky complexion. 

Not the look – or the skin health – any of us are trying to achieve. 

Today we're going to talk about dry skin and share our simple tips on how to hydrate cells after a day in the sun.

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Wear sunscreen

Sunscreen is our non-negotiable. Even if the day is cloudy or overcast, sunscreen must be applied all over the face and body before leaving the house. We recommend a high factor, broad-spectrum sunscreen that protects the delicate cells from both UVA and UVB rays. While you might think that SPF in makeup is enough, we always recommend applying full protection sunscreen to avoid dry skin. Our favorite sunscreen at the moment is the Daily Face + Body Sunscreen Lotion SPF50 from Nourished Daily.

Exfoliate regularly 

When skin cells approach the end of their cycle, they die and shed leaving a build-up of dry skin on the outer layer of the complexion. Regular exfoliation with a gentle scrub sweeps dead skin cells away to combat the appearance of dry skin. 

Exfoliate once to twice a week to keep the complexion clear, but never exfoliate burnt skin. If the cells are damaged from sun exposure, exfoliation can lead to more damage and should be avoided until the skin has healed. 

Take a cold shower 

Hot showers strip the cells of natural oils leading to dryness and tight skin. Lower the temperature on showers and baths to keep cells hydrated and avoid dry skin. 

Hydrate from the inside out 

The skin is the body's largest organ and needs hydration from fluids to function optimally just like any other organ. The more you drink, the more you support the cells' internal hydration processes helping you combat dry skin.    

Apply active ingredients ferulic acid and vitamin C

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Biologi's Bf - Restore Face & Body Serum is the extract of Australian finger lime. A water-soluble serum, the active ingredients ferulic acid and plant vitamin C work in synergy to repair, strengthen and hydrate cells deep down within the dermal layers.  

Just as the name suggests, Bf - Restore Face & Body Serum is multiuse and effective all over the face and body (and we've been told you can even put it in your hair!). Available in a range of sizes, apply liberally all over the body before a day at the beach and keep a bottle in your day bag to top up the external hydration as and when required. 

As a superior source of antioxidant protection, not only does regular application help to combat dry skin, but it also strengthens cells to help retain the natural hydration for a glowing complexion, whatever the weather. 

Discover the Nourished selection of Dry Skin natural remedies.


*Disclaimer: Always apply sunscreen before stepping into the sun. Active ingredients can strengthen the cells but do not protect against sun damage.