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How to shape your face naturally

May 11, 2023

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We all probably do it, using a little bit of powder bronzer to give your face more definition and a nice healthy sunkissed glow. Did you know that there are all sorts of different, new ways of shaping or in other words also called contouring your face? We have collected the best methods and natural contour makeup products for you, so you can create that beautiful contour at home too. A makeup look of the same level as one created by a makeup artist, but at home from your own makeup bag. Sounds great right!?

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Where to apply your contour?

You apply your contour to create shadows on your face. This provides more definition and takes your makeup look to the next level. Generally apply contour to your forehead, cheeks, along your nose and jawline. The exact spot depends on your face, and we are happy to tell you how to find the best spots making it look as natural as possible.

On your forehead, apply a few dots in the outer corners. This will make it look like you've caught some sun. To find the spot on your cheeks, make the so-called fish face and suck your cheeks in. A dimple is created and this is exactly where you apply your contour product. You shape your nose by applying the product to the side of your nose. You draw 2 thin lines on both sides of your nose bone. The contour for your jawline you logically apply from your earlobe to your chin on your jawline. Now that we know where to apply contour, we would like to show you the best natural makeup products for shaping your face. 

Shape with a darker foundation

A dark foundation can go a long way if you want to contour your face. Take the Ritual Skin Foundation Stick SPF30 from Eye of Horus, for example. This stick is very fine and you easily apply dots on your forehead, along your nose, on your cheeks and on your jawline. This may look dark, but don't be alarmed you can blend this very easily and beautifully with a makeup brush, sponge or dab with your fingers. 


Lychee Crème Corrector | Ere Perez | Nourished

Shape with a darker concealer 

Not only can you shape your face with a dark foundation, but also with a natural dark concealer. This is often a bit more liquid, so it will blend into your skin more easily, this results in a beautiful head turning natural makeup look. Shape with your darker concealer. The Triple C Concealer by Eye of Horus & the Lychee Crème Corrector by Ere Perez are perfect for shaping your face. You apply dots and then blend it out with your fingertips, a makeup sponge or makeup brush.

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Shape your face with tanning product

There is a new trend going on in beauty-land and it's super popular in Australia - shaping your face with your self-tanner. Also called 'tan-touring', this is a very easy way to give your face a natural bronzed look without using makeup. You apply your self-tanner with a makeup brush and blend it into your face where you normally apply your contour. Blend it out with Ere Perez's Multipurpose Brush, for example. Then let it dry until it is completely dry and wash the self-tanner off your face. Now you have a natural sun-tanned look. A perfect self tan product for tan-touring are the Self Tan Mousse from Three Warriors and the Tropical-Glow Face Tan Elixir from Raww Cosmetics. 

Shape with powder bronzer

Of course, are you old school? Then you can also use a powder bronzer to shade your face. You can also use a your bronzer powder as a setting powder over your contour applied with a liquid bronzer as mentioned above. This way, your contour stays nicely in place all day. The powder bronzers from Ere Perez and Inika are perfect for this.

Get started and create that gorgeous make-up look. Of course, if you have any questions, we are happy to help and you can always drop us a line via Instagram, webchat or email.