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bbb health boutique: a women’s gym with an holistic approach

May 05, 2023

bbb health boutique: a women’s gym with an holistic approach

Do you experience difficulties finding your spin at the gym? Maybe you're afraid of being stared at when trying out a new exercise. Or taking the step to show up and maintain your healthy routine is already too big. No worries, we’ve got you covered!

What is bbb health boutique?

bbb health boutique is a holistic gym for women with personal guidance and coaching. We look at the bigger picture of your health: body, food and mind. Everytime you visit, there will be a coach available to guide you in finding a program that suits your goal. We monitor the implementation so that you get the most out of your results. Are you running into something? You can book a coaching every week before or after your workout to discuss nutrition, sports and lifestyle in general. All these pillars are inextricably linked and have a great influence on each other.

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Hot cabins

In a hot cabin you can exercise safely in a relaxed way. You can move lying or sitting in a cabin that warms up to 40 degrees, just above your body temperature. This ensures good blood flow to your muscle and skin tissue. It has a cleansing effect on your body and prevents muscle strain. Your body needs to work hard to maintain body temperature, which stimulates fat burning.

The hot cabin will keep your muscles warmed up, which lowers the risk of injury. Even women with physical complaints can benefit from hot cabin training. The exercises at bbb are derived from pilates, where we work a lot on the abdominal muscles. It creates a strong core, heals back problems and improves posture! We have special programs aimed at rheumatism, long covid, pregnancy, diastasis or rehabilitation. In addition, we create personal tailor-made programs so that everyone can exercise safely. Good to know for the busy people: you are ready within half an hour because your muscles are warmed up almost immediately when you step into the cabin.

Group lessons

Rather want to smash a workout without having to think about what to do? We have different group lessons in the hot cabins. Our signature class is the bbb30, in which you train the glutes, abs and legs in 30 minutes with an uptempo beat. In addition to the bbb30 class, bbb has full body workouts and mindful classes such as hot yoga and pilates.

The classes are focused on small group training: Besides the cabin classes, each boutique has a small hall in which we give group classes such as body shape, HIIT, yoga, pilates or kickboxing. Why small groups? We love a personal atmosphere in which we can give each member the right guidance during our classes.


Coaching with a holistic approach

We believe in the broad concept of health. Everything affects each other: do you experience stress? Stress makes it difficult to unwind in the evening and can impact your sleep. A bad night's sleep makes you less able to make healthy choices. After all, you are tired and your brain is looking for easy choices. Chances are high that you choose fast sugars such as empty carbs. As a result, your body isn’t optimally nourished, which keeps you tired and unable to achieve your health goals. You may have noticed it already, it’s a vicious circle that is sometimes difficult to get out of. During coaching, we investigate the underlying cause and break old patterns. This is how we help you create a healthier lifestyle with feasible, sustainable steps.

Our coaches have all kinds of different backgrounds from, for example, dietetics, psychology, sports science or orthomolecular therapy. They all share the same passion for holistic health. The coaches are happy to get to know you personally, so that you know who to contact if you have certain questions.

As a member you can use an app in which you can book your classes and use all kinds of tools. In these tools you will find practical tips on various themes: the menstrual cycle, meal prepping, intermittent fasting, sleeping well, or recipes for nutritious meals.

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Who is bbb health boutique for?

bbb grows with you in every phase of life: from young women to mom’s (to be) to menopausal women. Women from 18 to 85 years old enjoy their workouts in the boutique. For each phase we look at possibilities to help you be the best version of yourself.

At bbb we want to be a personal community for women. You can linger after your workout, grab a coffee or register for workshops on nutrition, hormones or seasonal challenges. This way you can get to know other bbb members and share experiences with each other.


bbb health boutique has 9 different locations throughout the Netherlands.

Would you like to try out bbb? Register here for a free trial lesson.
Or take a look at our website for more information, our prices and our class schedule.

Photography: Eva Dekker