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How To Create Your Sunless Tan

Apr 08, 2022

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We know that for some of you fake tan sounds yukky.... it's this scary beauty thing where you end up looking like and orange or a stripy tiger & smelling like a chemical lab. You want to stay as far away from it as possible but you do also want to look like a bronzed goddess... so what do you do? Never fear... Nourished is here! We've got you covered with all of tips & trick to creating the best tan ever. With almost everything it depends on WHICH product and HOW you apply the product, after reading this blog post, also you will master the art of Fake-Tanning. 


A Few Common Questions Answered....


Which tan is the right one for me? We have two beautiful organic tanning brands at Nourished; Three Warriors and Eco Tan. Both brands are born in Australia, the motherland of natural fake tanning. Have a look at our article: The Tanning Bible to check the perfect products for your skin type and skin colour. 


After you choose your favourite product you might think of questions like: Do I use a mitt? Do I exfoliate? How long does my tan last? We will give you all the answers! 


Go Natural  

We recommend to always go for an organic fake tanning product without any nasties. This way you don't get that chemical smell but you will get a natural colour and you don't trouble your body with ingredients that it doesn't need. 


Tanning, Tan, Fake Tan, Organic Tan, Face Tan Water, Eco Tan, Three Warriors, Face Tan Aqua Mist, Winter Skin, Gradual Tan, Cacao Mousse, Tanning Mousse

To Mitt Or Not To Mitt? 

When you are using the Self-tan Mousse, Cacao Mousse or Hempitan we highly recommend that you use a mitt. For one, this doesn't give you 'fake tan hands', but also minimizes your odds of a potentially streaky, tiger-like fake tan. It also reduces the risk that your natural tanning mousse ends up on the floor or other places you don't want to get it on. 


If you are more an easy, fast and result driven beauty than the Gradual Tan or Winter Skin are your best choices. These lotions you can simply & easily apply without a mitt, just with your hands like how you would apply a body lotion. 


How Long Do I Leave My Tanning Products On Before I shower?

That depends on which product you choose. This is a good guideline for you: 

- Face Tan Aqua Mist & Face Tan Water, best to apply on a clean face before you go to bed. Let develop the whole night and start your daily skincare routine as usual. 

- Gradual Tan & Winter Skin, apply on clean skin and within two hours of applying you will see results. This is your best friends when you need an instant tan without any hassle, no shower needed! 

- Self-Tan Mousse & Cacao Mousse, apply on clean skin with a tanning mitt and let develop for 1,5 hours for a light hint, 3-4 hours for a medium tone or do an all-nighter for a deep glow. 

-  Hempitan has to be applied with the smooth side of the Dual Tanning Mitt and will give you a dark tan within 1,5 hour. You can take a shower then or leave for up to 4 hours. This tanning is best if you don't have a lot of time and want a deep, natural tan & are not a fan of a tanning mousse. 


How To Apply My Tanning For The Best Result? 

Tanning, Tan, Fake Tan, Organic Tan, Face Tan Water, Eco Tan, Three Warriors, Face Tan Aqua Mist, Winter Skin, Gradual Tan, Cacao Mousse, Tanning Mousse

1. Preparation is key! In general make sure your 'dryer' parts of the body like the knees, elbows, ankles and heels of your feet are well hydrated. Apply extra bodylotion or body oil on this thicker layers of skin the days before tanning. 

2. In order to get a smooth, even tan without brown scaly areas or stripes exfoliation is an absolutely necessary step in your tanning routine. We recommend giving your entire body a gentle but thorough scrub with an exfoliant of choice 24-48 hours before you apply your natural fake tan. Tip: Pay special attention to the areas mentioned in step 1. 


Tanning Mousse 

  1. Apply your Tanning Mousse liberally & evenly onto clean, dry, exfoliated skin. A mousse is a lightweight foam and is easy to apply.
  2. Shake well before use & get your tanning mitt ready. 
  3. Start from your ankles and work your way up. Use 3-5 pumps for your legs and 3-5 pumps for your stomach and back depending on how tall you are. Use 2-4 pumps for your neck and decolletage and 2-4 pumps for your arms. Use half a pump for both of your feet and use the remaining product on the mitt for your hands. 
  4. Leave your Tanning Mousse for 1 hour for a light coffee complexion and 4 hours for a stunning deep bronze tan before washing off in the shower. You can leave the mousse onto your skin the whole night. 

Tanning Lotion 

  1. Apply your Tanning Lotion evenly onto clean, dry, hydrated & exfoliated skin.
  2. As it’s a cream/ body lotion structure apply just as you would with your daily moisturiser and apply enough product.
  3. Start from your ankles and work your way up.
  4. Apply using your hands, don't forget to wash your hands thoroughly afterwards. 
  5. You can use the Tanning Lotion over consecutive days to build your tan for the desired result.

Tanning Water

  1. Apply Hempitan evenly onto clean, dry, hydrated and exfoliated skin.
  2. As it has the structure of water it is best to apply with the smooth side of the Dual Tanning Mitt. Spray product directly onto skin and rub in with circular motion or spray onto mitt. 
  3. Start from your ankles and work your way up, don't forget to apply to feet and hands after applying onto the entire body. You can even apply Hempitan onto your face. 
  4. Leave Hempitan for 1 hour for a quick fix or leave for up to 4 hours for a  deep bronze tan before showering.

Face Tan 

  1. For best results we recommend you to apply your Face Tan to fresh, clean, dry skin just after you have cleansed. You can use your Face Tan instead/ as a toner in your daily skincare routine. 
  2. Apply 2 -3 times per week for a natural glow to build up your desired colour.
  3. Spray directly onto your face if you use the Aqua Face Tan Mist from Three Warriors, for extra attention you can pat the product in with your fingers or divide evenly with a clean makeup brush. When using the Face Tan Water from Eco Tan, use your fingers to apply as we find a cotton pad can soak up all the liquid. Use enough +- 1 teaspoon per application round. Don't forget to wash your hands straight after application to make sure your don't get brown spots on your fingers. 

4. Maintain a beautiful, natural fake tan by moisturizing your body and face daily after showering or cleansing. 

5. Ready for a new round of tanning or is your tan not as need as it was? Exfoliate gently and reveal, fresh, new baby skin cells. 


There you go, your guide to sunless tanning. There are no excuses anymore, you CAN become a bronzed God or Goddess. Then there is one last question that is hanging up in the air: does the tanning stain my clothes or sheets? The answer is NO! You can jump into bed or into your favourite outfit after you've used your natural fake tan. 


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