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How to create an at home spa experience

Dec 19, 2023

How to create an at home spa experience

Don't take this the wrong way, we absolutely love the December month with all its joyful family festivities, but we also feel quite relieved when the days are over. The planning, organising, drinking and eating rather excessively can at times feel rather stressful. Making us crave some much needed self-care to start the year afresh and relaxed. What better way to do this than by creating a lovely at home spa experience? 

A step by step guide 

We understand that making the time to create such a skin loving experience for yourself can be the most difficult step. That's why it would be a great idea to get to your calendar right now (yes whilst reading this) and to mark the next free Saturday or Sunday evening as your own. Notify your housemate, boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife and children that the bathroom this evening will be a no-go area. Time to create your zen space and to claim some much needed self care.

1. Create a spa smelling ambiance

As you enter a spa, one of the first thing you notice is probably the calming smell, making your body accostumed to a day full of relaxation! So start with getting your hands on your diffuser and pour some drops of your favourite relaxing essential oil in there. We are a big fan of the Calm Essential Oil Blend by Retreatment Botanics. Don't have a diffuser? Spritzing some loving mist spray can also help to set the tone for a calming atmosphere. We always love The Bondi wash mist spray in the scent Tasmanian Pepper & Lavendar which is especially designed for rest and relaxation. You could also use this one after your spa evening, spritzing it on your sheets and pillow, making you doze off to sleep within seconds.

Calm essential oil blend | Nourished

2. Put on a playlist that fits your mood

As you prepare the perfect environment for your spa moment, a relaxing album or playlist simply cannot be missed. If you do not have an album or playlist that comes to mind, just browse through the premade spa lists on Spotify and let your thoughts drift off to the sound of falling raindrops or piano tunes. Our favourite relaxing playlist is the Relaxing Bath one.

3. Make yourself a warm cup of tea

Nothing feels more calming to the system than soaking your body in a hot bath while also internally filling your belly with a warm drink. So pick your favourite tea brand and sip in the calming blend. 

4. Now it's time to hop into your bath or your shower

Yess, we have arrived at one of our preferred moments during this spa ritual. Get your body to sink into the tub and let your skin be surrounded by a soothing, skin enriching body wash and whilst your at it, give it an extra treat with a deeply nourishing body scrub. Both products are equally as comforting under the shower! Our tips? The Nourished Daily Body Wash with its silky feel and subte smell and the powerful Activate Body Scrub from Biologi.

Activate Body Scrub

5. Time to moisturize 

After a steamy shower or hot bath, the skin is in need for a good moisturizing session. You want your skin to feel hydrated and nourished once you step out of the bath/shower and before hopping into your bed. Our Nourished Daily body lotion is such a lovely product for giving your skin this creamy hug. It is light, but effectively nourishing and quickly absorbs into the skin. More fan of a body oil? Try our Sans activator 7 oil. It is multifunctional beauty with high levels of Vitamin A, known for its skin repairing effects.

6. Treat yourself with a face mask

After giving your body the tender care it deserves, it's now time to move on to your lovely face. Of course you can opt here for your daily skin care routine, but why not pop on a transformative, effective face mask that leaves your skin nourished and glowy? Choose for our all time favourite Instant Glow Mask from Retreatment Botanics made of green clay. Already feeling sleepy and not feeling like rinsing it off after 20 minutes? No problem! With our Biologi Bio Cellulose Mask you can let the ingredients sink in after you have removed the mask. It makes waking up something to look forward to once you see your beaming face in the mirror the next morning.

Instant Glow Face Mask | Nourished

7. Overnight hair mask

Okay, body washed and moisturizedf? Check! Face deeply nourished? Check! What about your hair though? Shall we give your scalp and hair the attention it deserves as well? We have only one product in store that serves as a luxurious overnight hair mask, this being the Nourishing Hair Hydrant Ultra + from Sans [ceuticals]. It gives your hair its natural strength and volume back whilst being deeply nourishing.

8. Lay your head on a silky pillow and use a sleep mask

Aah that was a wholesome spa experience wasn't it? Oh wait, it is not totally finished yet! Grant yourself the luxury of popping your head on a silky pillow and covering your eyes with a sleep mask made from the same material. It is gamechanger, believe us. We cannot sleep anymore without the pillow sleeve and sleep mask from Dore & Rose. 

Well, time to close your eyes now and feel grateful to yourself for carving the time out to take this evening and for treating yourself with tender care.