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Got dull dry skin?

Dec 19, 2023

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 Tight, sensitised skin? Chapped lips? Tired looking under-eye area? You’re not alone! These symptoms are all signs of moisture loss that is normal during winter… and the good news is that getting your skin’s plumpness, clarity and luminosity back is easy.

When the temperature drops in winter, the water vapour level in the air (humidity) does too. Cool air doesn’t have the ability to hold high moisture levels as warm air can. You may have noticed this when you breath out in the chilly morning air and your breath instantly converts into fog droplets.

Transepidermal Water Loss 

Air that is dry, slowly draws moisture from warm skin leading to Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL). This is further aggravated by being inside in the heating in the cooler months. Internal heating causes a further loss of moisture in the air and further drops the humidity, thus speeding up the process of TEWL. Winter comforts like hot showers and long baths add further insult by drawings out moisture and natural oils from the skin, leaving tight, flaky and dry skin.  

This cycle of TEWL that is exaggerated during winter and often leads not only to dry skin but can also lead to inflamed and irritated skin and aggravated eczema, allergy and psoriasis symptoms. The good news is that with a few easy daily changes and the right active ingredients your skin can stay hydrated, healthy and supple throughout the seasons.

Niacinamide is an active ingredient which has been clinically-proven to accelerate the production of Ceramides in the most superficial skin layer, the stratum corneum or skin barrier as it is commonly known. Choosing a moisturiser that contains 5%  Niacinamide is an excellent way to strengthen your skin barrier and protect yourself from TEWL and tight, flaky, dry skin.


A well-performing barrier function is essential to avoiding moisture loss and dry skin. The most important component of the skin barrier is ceramides that attach together like bricks in a wall to lock moisture into the deeper layers of the skin. The ‘Ceramide wall’ can become weak via damage from using chemical based skincare, topical steroids, the seasonal elements and through the reduction in production of ceramides during the natural ageing process.

If you have dermatitis, eczema or psoriasis you’re very likely to have a ‘Ceramide wall’ that is weak and allows excessive moisture loss, further aggravating the symptoms of these skin conditions.  

There are two key ways you can increase your skin’s Ceramide levels:

+ using skincare products that contain Ceramides

+ using skincare products that contain Niacinamide (Vitamin B3).  When Niacinamide is used at the right concentration, it has been clinically shown to increase Ceramide production in the skin barrier and reduce moisture loss.

Choosing the right products

Nourished, natuurlijke huidverzorging, droge huid, niacinamide, clean skincare, sans, sans ceuticals

Choosing a product that incorporates at least one of the above ways to increase the Ceramide levels and also contains ingredients that work as humectants (attract moisture into the skin) and occlusives (create a protective layer on the skin surface to further reduce moisture loss) is essential in creating a strong and resilient skin barrier and restoring tight, flaky and dry skin.

Sans [ceuticals] has created two new-generation skincare products that tick all of the boxes:

+  Cellular Repair Face + Body Lotion

+  Barrier Restore Butter

Using one of these products in combination with our tips will help you back to hydrated, healthy skin in no time.  

Do for healthy skin 

+ Replace missing Ceramides - choose moisturisers rich in this essential skin barrier component

+ Use a moisturiser that contains 5% Niacinamide to improve Ceramide production within the skin barrier

+ Ensure your moisturiser includes ingredients such as Mānuka honey, Vitamin B5 and Sodium hyaluronate — to penetrate the epidermal layer resulting in deeper hydration.

+ Exfoliate 1-3 x weekly to remove dead, dry, scaly skin build up and allow improved better penetration of your moisturiser’s active and nourishing ingredients

+ Move your bathing routine from morning to evening to assist with skin moisture retention

+ Drink plenty of water to improve internal and external hydration

+ Use a humidifier at home

Nourished, natuurlijke huidverzorging, droge huid, niacinamide, clean skincare, sans, sans ceuticals 

Don't for healthy skin

+ Over shower or bathe – this can cause excessive loss of hydration and natural oils from the skin

+ Leave the house with wet skin – dry and cold weather can cause the moisture in your skin to evaporate faster

+ Forget to moisturise after your shower – this is the perfect time to lock hydration into  your skin, don’t miss the opportunity!

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