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How to clean your makeup brushes at home?

Feb 23, 2020

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Are your makeup brushes the dirtiest thing you touch your face with? Most of us have never given this a thought! Your makeup brushes sit in your bathroom collecting dust, they get dragged through multiple jars of makeup, they are often shared between friends and they are thrown around in our makeup & toiletries bag collecting dirt & bacteria along the way that accumulates and then gets smeared onto your face likely contributing to the very skin condition you are trying to hide! 

How often should your makeup brushes be cleaned? 

Regardless if you use natural makeup or not, dermatologists recommend you should clean your makeup brushes on average every 7-10 days and brushes used around your eyes should be cleaned at least twice a month. This may sound excessive but the process of cleaning your brushes is actually a very simple & easy one and has the potential to completely transform your skin! 

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How to clean your makeup brushes at home

Begin by running your brushes under lukewarm water, rinsing out all of the residual makeup. Combine a few drops of baby shampoo in a bowl with lukewarm water, we love the all natural Kenko Wasgel for Babies. Dip the brush in the baby wash solution and spin a few rounds, avoiding placing too much pressure on the brush. Rinse the brush tip well under running water once again & use a clean cloth to wipe your brush clean, reshaping the bristles as you go. Lay your brushes flat on a clean cloth to dry, never leave them to dry upright as water can drip into the wooden handle. Place the brushes flat on a cloth/ tea towel to let them dry. 

Avoid washing the handles of your brushes as the glue that connects the brush to the handle can dissolve, causing your brush to break. Washing the handles may also result in any printing on the brush handle to fade.

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