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Choose a natural deodorant that works

Jul 08, 2018

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The past few weeks we have been inundated with orders for our natural deodorant range. It is so awesome to see more and more people becoming aware of the detrimental health effects of using conventional deodorants, and prioritising using alternatives.

The most common question we hear when someone is thinking about switching to a natural deodorant is “yes, but does it actually work? I have tried so many natural deodorants and none of them have really been effective”.  We get it. You would almost rather the risk of detrimental health effects than half your office moving their desk away from you because you stink. But here is the thing, we can confidently say that our range of natural deodorants actually work! It really all comes down to making the right choice for you & so we have broken down the variety and how to choose your perfect match, to keep you fresh & dry allll day long.

Natural Deodorants 

We are so proud to tell you that we have created two natural deodorants on our own. After a lot of testing and trialing we created two different formulations and two different scents. Nourished Daily now makes our favourite deodorant. The Natural Deodorant Stick Chai Spice or Early Spring is perfect for more heavy sweats and has a scent to die for. Easy to apply to your armpit because of the easy to use packaging. This deodorant comes in a stick with a screw, we are obsessed with this one! Looking for a natural deodorant for sensitive skin, then we created the Sensitive Skin Deodorant Crème Early Spring for you! This natural deodorant is soft and easy to spread out, doesn't leave yellow stains and is made without bicarb, making this deodorant perfect for the most sensitive skin. 

Black Chicken Axilla Natural Deodorant Original - the original & one of the best! Black Chicken's Axilla Natural Deodorant Cream is all natural and uniquely powerful. It utilizes superfine vegetable powders and clays which act to absorb moisture, as well as lavender, peppermint and cedarwood essential oils which give this all natural deodorant a fresh, energising scent and act to discourage bacteria and neutralise odor. A Nourished Best Seller!

Dutch Brand The Lekker Company has a similar option to the Axilla Natural Deodorant Paste. The Lekker Company - Lavender deodorant would be the closest match. The frosting-like consistency is soft and easy to apply with your fingertip, it's convenient tube packaging make this a handbag staple. Lekker deodorants are unisex & suitable for teens & adults. Lavender essential oils give this deodorant a beautiful scent. The Lekker Company Citrus and Mandarin deodorant is fresh and uplifting. Lekker deodorants (30g) are plastic free, vegan and actually work! Made with nourishing organic shea butter and coconut oil for a soft feel and bi-carb to combat odor producing bacteria, making sure you smell fresh & sweet all day long! 

Itchy or irritated? 

Which brings me to another topic. Have you just started using a natural deodorant but finding your underarms are itchy or irritated? I had the same issue when I first made the switch. There can be a number of easily resolved reasons for this discomfort:

  1. You shave before you put your deodorant on. When you do this it creates very small cuts and abrasions in the skin under your arms that become irritated by the natural ingredients and essential oils in your natural deodorant. We recommend always shaving the night before application, to allow these micro-traumas to do some healing.
  1. Your skin and glands are detoxing after using a chemical/aluminium based deodorant. If this is the case the pores under your arms are likely to have been blocked with all sorts of toxins. As they are trying to excrete these you may experience redness, rashes & armpit odor. But don’t give up! Help your body continue this detox by drinking lots of water, eating fresh food & minimising further toxins including alcohol, sugar & refined foods.
  1. If you have tried the above two remedies but are still finding your armpits are irritated, you may have a sensitivity to bi-carb (also known as baking soda), the natural deodoriser & neutraliser in most natural deodorants. Sensitive skin can be the pits- literally! If you have tried other natural deodorants, including the Nourished Daily, Black Chicken Original & Lekker Deodorants and continue to have itchiness and sensitivity under your arms then you have three options: Sensitive Skin Deodorant Tube Early Spring & Chai Spice developed by us or the Black Chicken Remedies ‘Barrier Booster’ formula, both deodorants are minus bicarb, just for you!

More deodorant info 

Black Chicken Axilla Natural Deodorant Barrier Booster in this formulation, the all natural powers of shea butter, magnesium hydroxide, diatomaceous earth, organic coconut and botanicals make this natural deodorant paste rich in lipids and fatty acids (essential for healthy cells) to strengthen your sensitive skin. The Barrier Booster doesn't contain bi-carb. The refreshing citrus scent makes this deodorant your perfect, all natural remedy for smelly odours whilst not harming your body, maintaining freshness, and being gentle on the skin!

All Nourished Daily, Black Chicken Remedies and The Lekker Company Deodorant Creams are Vegan and made with the highest quality organic and food-grade ingredients. Their gender neutral fragrances make all of the deodorant varieties unisex.

Don’t believe that our deodorant are the BEST natural deodorant & actually work? Take a look at the 5-Star customer reviews on the website that our Nourished community has given these fantastic natural deodorant. Still not sure? Why not reduce the risk by purchasing a travel sized portion? Now available in Original and Barrier Booster

If you have more questions about your natural deodorant reach out to us via a DM on Instagram @nourished_eu or at Want to find out more about the health effects of aluminium in your deodorant?

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Enjoy the natural life! Love & sunshine, Erin & Floor ☀️❤️