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How Collagen Can Help Your Skin Through The Seasons

Apr 21, 2022

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Collagen has many amazing benefits. It supports elastin formation and boosts skin hydration. Supplementing with collagen helps the skin to remain supple and hydrated when faced with wind, heat, and taxing environmental conditions. Collagen improves the density of the dermal collagen layer, helping to adapt to seasonal changes. 

Seasonal changes can impact our skin externally and internally. While the weather pattern changes that shift seasonally are the most obvious influence, the skin products we use may also change seasonally, affecting our skin. Sunscreen use in summer or heavier skincare products in winter are key examples of this. Lifestyle factors like food choices, alcohol consumption, sleep, and stress also change seasonally, and may impact our internal terrain and manifest as skin changes. 

A study from 2021 looking at seasonal changes in skin, showed that there were big differences in skin hydration, epidermal density and skin pH between summer and winter. 



During summer, the hottest and most humid season, the skin produces more sebum, which can leave the skin feeling more greasy. This excess production of sebum triggered by humidity, may cause pimple flares or skin break outs. Add to this sunscreen use to avoid UV damage, or staying indoors in air conditioning, the skin can feel heavy. Collagen has been shown to support sebum production without overproduction. 



When autumn comes around, the climatic differences from day to day can differ greatly. Humidity drops, and the air becomes drier, however, it can shift back and forth before settling into winter. This can lead to a distorted skin barrier function and to flaky skin, cracked hands or feet, and a greater risk of more inflammatory skin conditions. In clinical trials, collagen peptides have been shown to improve the texture of skin. 



Winter brings a chill in the air, very low humidity, and the use of artificial heat in most indoor areas. Whether using an air conditioner, fire, or gas heater, these can all be very drying for the skin. Our vitamin D levels drop, we produce less sebum, and are more prone to dehydrated skin. Add in the tendency to have hotter showers or baths, and our skin becomes very dry and tight. Itchy skin is common in winter, as are cracked lips. Collagen peptides can increase skin hydration by up to 28 per cent.


Then comes spring. Think of this season as a coil that bounces dramatically between summer and winter rather than a gentle shift towards heat of summer. Northern hemisphere countries will feel this shift even more than southern countries. The spring winds can be very drying, and bring with it seasonal allergies, another trigger for our skin to become inflamed, itchy, and dry. Increasing skin thickness with collagen improves resilience and appearance.

As our skin is affected by external factors and seasonal variability, supplementing with collagen and the nutrients that support its use in the body can improve skin appearance, reduce water loss, and protect from damage. A study released in 2010 using collagen peptides called it “an inducer of skin regeneration”.


Collagen Supplements

 When choosing a collagen supplement, there is a few key things to look for:  

+ Marine collagen, sustainably sourced.

+ 100% peptides. This ensures that your collagen is high quality and easily absorbed. 

+ Use a collagen supplement that contains antioxidants and nutrients that supports the delivery of collagen, while providing your skin cells protection against damage and ageing.

+ Ensure the dose gives you an evidence-based quantity that is beneficial to your body. 10,000mg of marine collagen peptides has been shown to be a safe and effective serve. 



Collagen is a protein structure that makes our cells strong, providing elasticity and structural support for connective tissue, tendons, bones, cartilage, and skin. Collagen is a source of inside out nutrition that supports skin health. This beauty food has multiple clinical trials and is demonstrated to improve skin condition by increasing the amount of ceramides in the layers of the skin. The effects of using 10000mg of 100% marine collagen peptides daily will strengthen and bolster from within so we can have beautiful, smooth, glowing skin no matter what the season.  

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