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Clean & Green Your Spring Clean

Mar 17, 2021

Clean & Green Your Spring Clean

Flowers are blooming, the weather is warming and the earth seems to come to be coming to life again. It’s Spring! And with this new season comes the time to empty out cupboards, dust off shelves and get cleaning! 

We spoke with BONDI WASH founder & clean & green living expert, Belinda Everingham about her top 10 eco-friendly tips to refresh the home & welcome the new season:


Our plant-based Bench Spray works wonderfully for deep cleaning cupboards. Wiping down surfaces with a natural multipurpose cleaner is the ideal alternative to bleach/antiseptic based products... not to mention their overpowering toxic smell! The Bondi Wash Bench Sprays are plant-based, non-toxic and biodegradable. They are also independently lab tested to kill 99.99% of germs, so you can feel safe that you are giving the home a good clean. This natural cleaner will rival any chemical based product on the market!

Chopping boards

Clean garlic, onion, chilli and even beetroot stains & odors from your chopping boards using a natural Dish Wash. If any old food smells still linger, use a mix of your favourite essential oil and baking soda or salt and scrub with a sponge and remove the remaining offending odours.  

Trash Bins

Refresh, sanitise & eliminate bacteria from your stinky trash bins using a damp cloth and the Bench Spray. To reinforce the fragrance, use the Mist Spray or a few drops of your favourite essential oil to completely eliminate garbage odours from the bin.


Empty out the fridge, toss any expired produce or food that might have been forgotten, and wipe the interior shelving using the Bondi Wash Bench Spray. These Bench Sprays are powered up with Australian Natural Bush Oils, instead of toxic ingredients, to effectively get rid of food bacteria and spillage. Finally, for that clean, glossy-fridge finish use the Sydney Peppermint and Rosemary scented Glass Spray for an interior so clean you will be able to check yourself out in the reflection. 

Stainless-Steel Appliances

Get rid of grubby finger prints and make your stainless-steel appliances sparkle again! Use your favourite sustainable microfibre cloth with the Bondi Wash Bench Spray, available in three delicious scents: Tasmanian Pepper & Lavender, Sydney Peppermint & Rosemary and Lemon Tea Tree & Mandarin 


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 Sink Drains

To de-stink your sinks & drains, try running warm water with 3-4 drops of your favourite essential oil for 30 seconds. Citrus & peppermint based essential oils work particularly well in the kitchen, bathroom and shower and will leave your pipes smelling fresh & clean. 

Junk Draws

Everyone has a junk draw that visits them in their nightmares.... eek! Overflowing with everything from used gum to some tool you have no idea of what it does. Empty them out and use a vacuum to suck out any leftover crumbs, dust or rodent poo that might have accumulated over the months. Get rid of any accumulated bacteria by wiping down the inside & outside of draw with the Bench Spray, finish by spraying a few squirts of the Mist Spray for extra fragrance. Line the draw with a nonslip mat or paper to help keep all the, now organised junk, in place.


Spring is a perfect time to pay attention to what is under the sheets ie...  your mattress. When not regularly cleaned, your mattress can be home to all sorts of bacteria, fungi, mould & odours.... ewwwwww. Don't you think one of the places you spend a significant amount of your life deserves more than this? A simple combination of baking soda and essential oils or the Mist Sprays will deodorise, eliminate moisture and kill bacteria and dust mites in your mattress. The Tasmanian Pepper and Lavender is a beautiful relaxing fragrance that also happens to be independent lab-tested to kill 99.99% of germs, virus & bacteria. The ideal way to freshen the bedroom & promote healthy sleep.


When Spring cleaning, it is important to try to reach places that are often overlooked and that may have accumulated years worth of dust, dirt & grime. Pull your furniture out from the wall and vacuum under the sofa, the bed and those hard-to-reach areas. Use the Bench Spray to remove dust accumulated on wooden surfaces, cabinets and skirting boards. The Bondi Wash Floor Wash is an excellent solution for floors as it is plant-based, non-toxic and biodegradable. Simply dilute with water and use a mop, this multifunctional product can also be used to wipe down furniture surfaces!

Ceiling Fixtures

Tackle those areas you see daily but choose to forget about for the rest of the year such as light fittings and ceiling fixtures. Use old fashioned fluffy dusters for these delicate areas, for harder to shift dirt & grime you can dilute a small amount of the Floor Wash diluted with water and a soft cloth.

Make your Spring Cleaning an adventure by turning up your favourite playlist and involving the family. Even young children can help, make it a fun activity by having them sort out their toys and books by colour.  

Make next year easier by maintaining your deep clean. Keep up the hard work by cleaning regularly throughout the year, this will make the task so much easier when Spring blooms again next year. 



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