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Choosing Your Vibe (rator)

Feb 02, 2022

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Choosing a vibrator can be a difficult task, no matter whether it is your first or you have a sacred collection in the drawer beside your bed. With all the shapes, sizes and features on offer today, we attempt to decipher the Vibe code and get you humming with pleasure from your perfect match with ease.  So throw your inhibitions aside and let us take you on a guided tour of the Vibes of Dame, these vibrators are designed, engineered and tested by women FOR the pleasure of women. Get ready for more O’s!


Dame Products, Com, Vibe, Vibrator, Massagetool, Nourished, Nourishedeu

Powerful, precise and multi-functional

Dame’s latest pleasure offering; Com, is your ultimate pleasure wand and body massager in one! Built to deliver comfort and orgasms, thanks to her powerful yet quiet motor and wide range of patterns and intensities. Com, brings moan-worthy pleasure to your sensual regions and destresses tight, tense muscles thanks to her functional design, flexible bulbed head and diverse offering of settings.


No hands needed 

The Eva II is Dame's best selling vibe. Designed for use during intercourse, or on its own, it is the ultimate couple's or solo vibe. Her flexible & soft wings gently tuck under the labia for a snug fit, keeping your hands free to use however & wherever feels best!  Eva’s body is perfectly positioned to deliver sensual vibration to the clitoris, enhancing pleasure during penetrative sex & making her the perfect couple’s vibrator. 


Dame Products, Fin Finger Vibrator, Vinger Vibrator, Nourished, Nourishedeu

Flexible, Intuitive & Gratifying

Pom is a fun, flirty and flexible vibe that also shows off in the bathroom, thanks to its waterproof nature. Perfectly sized to fit within the palm of your hand with no internal body, it is soft and flexible enough to move with you and nestle close to where you want it. Pom has it all with the ability to show both a soft & sensitive or tough & powerful sides thanks to its precision engineered motor with four vibration patterns and five intensities, intuitively controlled for a confusion-free climax. 


Choose your own adventure 

Fin is a Dame’s finger vibrator. She is fun, always on point and works together with your innate fells to find all your favourite places.  If you have never used a vibrator before, Fin is a great first Vibe ride to have! Never complicated, she is easy to use, with soft straps that fit like a glove, so she stays close to the action, or remove the straps and freestyle with her different angles and attributes. The way you wear Fin is up to you! Perfect for solo or couples play, this vibe can be used before, during or after sex with clitoral stimulation and intimacy front and centre. Take Fin on your adventure of choice!  



Dame Products, Aer Suction Vibrator, Luchtdruk Vibrator, Nourished, Nourishedeu

Small, yet sturdy 

Zee is your all-around, smooth, portable Bullet Vibrator, offering a secret weapon of pleasure for sexual self-care at every level. If you’re looking for something simple yet versatile, economical and pleasing to all of your sensual zones, then Zee is your Vibe! With three speeds to deliver your orgasm, a body the size of a bullet and a USB rechargeable battery and delivers relaxing, Zee, is uncomplicated and willing anytime, anywhere.


Lip service

Ok. So to be fair… Aer isn’t technically a vibrator, instead it uses air & suction to deliver stimulation of a different kind. If you are a fan of oral sex, then This Is Your Vibe! Aer's unique rhythmic pulses of air are created by Dame's whisper quiet pressure-wave technology and delivered whilst she creates a soft seal around your clitoris. Just close your eyes and enjoy the simulated feeling of the flutter of a tongue and the suction of a mouth down under.


G rated ;-)

If you’re looking for BIG O’s, then Arc is your Vibe. Designed to explore your sensuality and locate your G-Spot with her squishy bulb and clit stimulating ridge. Arc will help you warm-up externally, then dive into your deep pleasure zones! Arc loves to pleasure in the bedroom and bathroom thanks to its waterproof skills. Arc also features the strongest rechargeable motor Dame has to offer, giving you a powerful yet sensual rumble that is adjustable to the perfect rhythm and speed for your climax. 



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