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Want great skin? Go with your gut.

Jan 25, 2022

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'Optima has been life-changing for me.' – Marty 

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Customer comments like this are plentiful about Optima.These are the testimonials of people who have used the Complete Skin Food Elixir™ and experienced exceptional improvements in their gut health, skin health, and general wellbeing. For Optima founders Cate Lilja and Karissa Mather, this feedback is truly inspiring.  

When we shared these reviews with Cate and Karissa, they weren’t  surprised. Each natural, sustainable, ethically-sourced ingredient in the Complete Skin Food Elixir is included for a specific reason: it is scientifically-proven effective. Importantly, it is included at dosages clinically proven to produce results. 

This new gold-standard in collagen supplements and ingestible beauty is a 4-in-1 elixir consumed as one daily drink with a delicious, natural strawberry-vanilla flavour. This powerful glass of goodness addresses the four key pillars to skin health: a healthy gut and microbiome; optimal nutrition, protection from free radical damage, and collagen production.  

The Complete Skin Food Elixir is the result of two years of dedicated research and development. Prior to this, Cate and Karissa were professionally, personally, and passionately entrenched in the world of health foods, cosmeceuticals, and nutraceuticals for decades. Their experience taught them how and why skin health begins in the gut.  

“The health and radiance of your skin reflects your internal health,” says Cate. “You can use the best quality skincare but unless you have a healthy, well-functioning gut, your skin will not be its best.” 

Let’s explore the gut-skin connection: 

Why is a healthy gut integral for great skin? 

Optima Nutricosmetics, Complete Skin Food Elixir ™, Collagen, Collageen Poeder, Voedingssupplement, Skinfood, Anti-ageing, Nourished, Nourishedeu
As the body’s largest organ, the skin protects our internal cells from environmental stressors including chemicals, disease, pollution, and UV radiation. The skin is a barrier, designed to keep things out. In fact, the epidermis – the skin’s first layer, comprises lipids that form an impenetrable barrier to outside agents. The skin therefore is not prepared to absorb topically applied nutrients. Instead, it draws nourishment from the foods we consume. To support its healthy functioning, the skin requires consistent nutrients and hydration to its deepest layers.
This explains why even mild nutritional deficiencies can impair important skin functions like cell production and repair.
But good nutrition is not the skin’s only requirement. Gut health is the ultimate foundation for the health of our skin and overall wellbeing.
The skin and gut are in constant communication via the skin-gut axis which involves the skin, gut, and microbiome communicating via the nervous, immune, and endocrine systems to help keep our bodies in homeostasis: stable, optimal functioning.
The gut is home to our microbiome: our unique set of 100 trillion microorganisms of diverse species, mostly bacteria. Some bacteria are “good”, some are “bad”. It’s important that each lives in balance, however this balance is harmed through factors like poor diet, stress, poor sleep, drugs, alcohol, and some medication.
The outcome is dysbiosis: an imbalanced microbiome which can cause poor nutrient absorption, chronic inflammation, oxidative stress, and poor waste excretion – meaning toxins circulate in our cells for longer.
Signs of dysbiosis appear in the skin: dull, dry skin, premature ageing, dark circles, acne and blemishes, sensitivity, and poor wound healing. Dysbiosis can also manifest in skin disorders like psoriasis and eczema and can cause dull hair and weak nails.
Digestive issues like bloating, diarrhoea, and constipation can also be signs of poor gut health. 

The Complete Skin Food Elixir provides a solution. It contains a carefully selected combination of pre and probiotics and healing aloe vera to encourage a balanced, diverse microbiome, supporting a healthy gut and improved digestion (including reduced bloating and predictable bowel activity). 

What else does healthy skin need? 

Optima Nutricosmetics, Complete Skin Food Elixir ™, Collagen, Collageen Poeder, Voedingssupplement, Skinfood, Anti-ageing, Nourished, Nourishedeu


Once we have the foundation right, the gut is prepared to receive the nutrients it imparts to our skin. The Complete Skin Food Elixir contains a nourishing mix of plant-based, highly bioavailable vitamins and minerals. Provitamin A, B complex vitamins, vitamin C, silica and anthocyanins promote vitalised skin, hair, and nails, while supporting gut health.   


Environmental stressors like UV and pollution, along with sub-optimal lifestyle factors like poor diet and stress cause the skin to endure free radical damage. This leads to the visible signs of ageing. 

The Complete Skin Food Elixir is formulated with a potent blend of plant-derived antioxidants that include cold-pressed grapeseed extract and lycopene-rich tomato extract to shield skin from oxidative stress and encourage nutrient delivery.

Healthy collagen production 

Importantly, skin needs to produce its own collagen and elastin – the building blocks of skin cells and all other cells in the human body. Production slows as we age, however introducing a bioavailable form of collagen into the body, such as the MSC certified sustainable marine collagen peptides in the Complete Skin Food Elixir, encourages skin to increase production of its own, high-quality collagen. 

This results in more resilient, firmer skin, smoothed fine lines and wrinkles, and improved hydration. 

Now you know why healthy skin comes from within – beginning first and foremost with good gut health. Experience the impactful benefits of collagen supplements with the 4-in-1 Ultimate – Complete Skin Food Elixir and join the growing community of Optima customers with great things to say about their gut and skin health.

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