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Apply and GO with NAÏF's Natural Sunscreen for Babies & Kids

Apr 15, 2022

NAIF Natural Sunscreen, Natuurlijke Zonnebrand

Us Euro’s love the sun, as soon as the first rays appear and our environment warms up, our thick winter jackets disappear, bare legs are revealed and the terraces fill up. We are however, not yet so conscious about wearing sunscreen, everyday (yes everyday!). We often think that the sun is not strong enough yet, or that we will only be in the sun for a short time. We are, however, more conscious about the protection of the skin of our children. The great news is that NAIF has formulated a Natural Sunscreen for Baby & Kids with SPF50 that is also great for the rest of the family.  

We are excited about the addition of this new perfume-free natural sunscreen to our collection and have included a few fun facts about this natural sun lotion for you below.


Naïf,Sun Lotion Baby & Kids SPF50 - Perfume Free, Natural Sunscreen, Natuurlijke Zonnebrandcrème, Nourished, Nourishedeu



Fun facts!


The NAÏF Natural Sunscreen Baby & Kids SPF50 is:

+ Suitable for the whole family
+ Key active ingredient: non-nano zinc oxide mineral filter
+ Broad spectrum sunscreen, UVA & UVB protection
+ Ocean & reef friendly, so perfect for swimming AND showering!
+ Free from microplastics, parabens, silicones and other nasties
+ No white wash or ghost vibes
+ Perfume-free, but with a soft scent thanks to its natural extracts
+ Available in 100 and 200 ml

The natural sunscreen from NAÏF also contains sunflower oil, which makes the sunscreen non-drying and will leave your skin smooth & hydrated. Our entire Nourished team have tested and approved this new kid on the block! 




Naïf,Sun Lotion Baby & Kids SPF50 - Perfume Free, Natural Sunscreen, Natuurlijke Zonnebrandcrème, Nourished, Nourishedeu

For the skincare nerds amongst us, here are some sunscreen facts: 

+ Mineral filters, the filters used in natural sunscreens reflect sunlight and protect the skin.
+ SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor.
+ What does the factor number stand for? If your skin burns within 10 minutes then it would take 30 times longer with a factor 30. That means 300 minutes. It is important to include certain factors though: sand, sweat and water reduce the durability of the SPF factor.
+ We generally apply too little sunscreen to our skin, apply more than you think is necessary and re-apply every two hours. 
+ Even when you wear sunscreen you will get a tan!
+ UVA rays are ultraviolet rays that age our skin, the A stands for ageing.
+ UVB rays are sun rays that cause burning, the B stands for burn.

Our final tips: keep babies and young children out of the sun as much as possible. Make sure they wear clothes that cover most of their body and always wear a cap or hat.  


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