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Achieve a low-fuss ‘million dollar mani’ (that is also low-tox, cruelty-free, & Vegan...)

Apr 07, 2019

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How do you get great finish & longevity from a ‘natural’ nail polish? We’ve got the answers on how you can ‘have-it-all’ with your manicure; cruelty-free, eco-friendly, 10-free, no toxic fumes, no dangerous UV, and no post-gel damage!


We’re giving you the low-down on how to get your ultimate set of nails without compromising your health or the planet in 4 easy steps:


1. Love your cuticles!

Cuticles are probably the most misunderstood human body part. Believe it or not, cuticles have a number of incredibly important purposes including providing a protective seal for your nail matrix to shield new nail growth from bacteria, pathogens and damage. Whilst our cuticles are important for nail health, nobody likes dry, visible cuticles bringing down their mani-game!

So what’s a girl to do? Love your cuticles by keeping them clean & moist. We recommend massaging away dry cuticles and dead cells regularly with a natural-hydrating oil or remedy balm. Our favourites? The Activator 7 Oil from Sans [ceuticals] and the Papaya SOS Marmelade from Ere Perez, both are nourishing & hydrating to keep your cuticles healthy & looking great and as an added bonus are multifunctional and will serve you in many other ways


2. It's all about that base - coat

Preparation prevents poor performance… set the stage for your ‘million dollar mani’! Too many people overlook this simple step that can make or break a manicure. The base coat is the first and most important step to a perfect polish as it sets the foundation for the quality of your finish. A base coat holds on to the nail, prevents the colour from seeping into the nail and staining, and it allows your colour to have something to hold onto to ensure longevity. Think about it like your insurance policy against chips, cracks and peeling! The base coat also will help cover any ridges or imperfections  to allow for a smooth nail to slick your favourite coloured polish on.Our friends at Kester Black have created a 10-free, low-tox & vegan Miracle Treatment Base Coat that stands up next to any toxic-laden rival.


3. Take your mani into lockdown with a top coat!


A top coat seals your polish giving you longer-lasting wear, whilst also protecting you against chips, cracks and peeling. Our hot-tip for your best nails yet?  Re-apply your top coat every 2 days, the thin formula of the Kester Black Supersonic Top Coat is perfect for extending your mani. But keep in mind, top coats are best for top coat use only as they are specifically formulated to bond to your nail polish, not your nail. Avoid using your top coat as a base coat or a clear polish.  


4. Watch your pH and moisture levels


Daily tasks like hand washing, dish washing & showering strip the natural oils from your hands and leave your nails prone to breakage, splitting, peeling, and cracking. Many soaps and hand washes will actually disturb your skin’s pH and moisture barrier due to their harsh ingredients. We recommend using a sensitive pH balanced wash like the pH Perfect Body & Hand Wash from Sans [ceuticals] or the divine range of hand washes from Bondi Wash. Following with a simple moisturising routine will assist with replacing the natural oils you lose every day. Our faves include the Bondi Wash Hand Lotion, scented with all types of gorgeous Australian Bush Oils.


A ‘million dollar mani' that is good for you and the planet is totally achievable by following this no-fuss routine.