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9 Simple Steps To Build Happier, Healthier Skin

Mar 17, 2019

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We all want a happy & healthy skin all year round. To make life a little easier we listed below our 9 simple steps to get you trough the seasons with a beautiful complexion all day everyday!

1. Use natural sunscreen daily – up to 90% of wrinkles are from sun exposure

2. Get plenty of sleep – its isn’t called beauty sleep for nothing

3. Always remove your make up before bed – leaving it on overnight can cause excessive dryness and breakouts

4. Drink plenty of water - Water helps clear the toxins that cause inflammation and blemishes. It also assists in transporting nutrients and oxygen to skin cells, and preventing dehydration, which can cause premature aging

5. Your skin is a direct reflection of what’s going on inside your body so  make sure you feed it with a diet rich in skin loving ingredients

6. Eat plenty of healthy fats to reduce inflammation and build healthy cells such as nuts, seeds, avocado, tahini, chia and cold-pressed oils

7. Incorporate anti-aging antioxidants into your diet and skincare products to fight free radicals which are a big contributing factor towards aging.  Colored fruits and vegetables are an amazing source so eat the rainbow

8. Vitamin C is essential for collagen production (the ‘cement’ that keeps our skin supple, firm and free from wrinkles) so eat plenty of fruit, vegetables and fresh juices every day to get a good daily dose

9. Lastly keep your life simple and stress free. We all know that stress is a huge contributing factor for aging so take time out for yourself to do the things you love.   

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