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7 Tips For Reducing Your Exposure To Chemicals

Jan 24, 2018

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By now we are all starting to hear of the dangerous impact the chemicals and toxins we are exposed to in our daily life can have on our health & wellbeing. However, knowing where to start once you make the decision to go green & clean can be confusing and overwhelming. The good news is that making the switch to natural skin care doesn’t have to be as difficult as you anticipate. Biologist, Endocrinologist & Professor at the Centre for Scientific Research at the National Museum of Natural History in Paris, Barbara Demeneix suggests 7 easy steps we can take to reduce our exposure to dangerous chemicals in everyday life.


1. Eat organic food where possible - 

We totally understand that eating organic is often more expensive. We recommend prioritising going organic with the ‘dirty dozen’ foods, and finding creative ways to waste less food. Check out the Environmental Working Group’s Dirty Dozen + List here 

2. Reduce pesticide use in the house -

Why are we still cleaning our house with chemicals  and “useless antibiotics”? If we want a clean home we need to look to effective natural cleaners that leave only safe residues on surfaces rather than toxic chemicals that are extremely detrimental on our & our family’s health. Our fave natural cleaning brand? Bondi Wash, available now at Nourished Nederland. Check out range here.  

3. Air your rooms more often-

The fabrics and textiles that furnish our homes are full of flame retardants, surfactants and other toxic chemicals. These dangerous substances are also contained  in the electronic equipment we have a growing amount of in our homes. We also recommend avoiding mainstream air freshener sprays & plug-ins. If it is ‘fresh air’ you are looking for, don’t pollute it with chemicals from a can! Open the window instead, and use a natural room freshener like the Bondi Wash Mist Spray to refresh your space.  

4. Clean often & reduce dust -  

House dust is a tremendous source of toxic contamination. A meta-analysis conducted in 2016 by a group of environmental scientists found that 90 percent of dust samples taken from houses across multiple locations contain harmful chemicals, including one’s that are known to cause cancer. This is important to take into consideration for everyone, especially babies & young children who are crawling around on the floor.

5. Don’t heat food up in plastic containers - 

Some may be better than others but to be completely sure you are eliminating exposure to potentially harmful chemicals & toxins Demeneix recommends switching to glass or ceramic to heat and store food. Swap the plastic water bottles for a stainless steel version, & refill it rather than purchasing water in plastic bottles every time you are thirsty. Demeneix also recommends asking your water authority to regularly provide you with data on the quality of  water coming out of your tap.  

6. Reduce your cosmetics usage - 

Cosmetics contain a cocktail of chemicals and toxins, including phthalates and parabens which are well documented endocrine disruptors.. Don’t use products with extensive ingredient lists, instead choose options with only a few ingredients. Use the most natural products you can find. Explore the range of natural beauty & personal care products at Nourished

7. Don’t use too much sunscreen - 

Mainstream sunscreen contains a number of chemical ingredients that are potential health hazards. Wear a hat & shirt, avoid the sun during the hottest times of day & seek shade. We also recommend using a natural sunscreen like Little Urchin Natural Sunscreen SPF30. With an all natural ingredients list, this sunscreen has an SPF factor of 30+ and is 3 hours water resistant. Safe & effective sun protection for the entire family, minus the toxins. Explore all our natural sunscreens in our sunscreen collection.


With over 15,000 new chemical substances being launched every day, there has never been a better time to make the switch to natural. Your health & the health of the planet depends on it.



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