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Your Sunny Holiday Travel Essentials

Jun 21, 2022

Your Sunny Holiday Travel Essentials

If you are like us, even the thought of a summer holiday evokes all kinds of feels…. the delicious feeling of the warm sun on your mostly bare skin, that smell of sunscreen mixed with salt water and just the faintest scent of sweat, escaping the hot sun with an afternoon nap in cool sheets, that golden glow, and a smile of quiet & complete contentedness.

If these words are getting you excited about your upcoming holiday in the sun then read on as we run you through our sunny holiday travel essentials:  

Natural Sunscreen 

We know how good it feels to have that beautiful warmth of the sun on your skin… we also know that up to 80% of the skin damage & ageing comes from UV exposure. Sunscreen is literally an anti-ageing miracle… every wo-man’s bestie! We have a few favourite natural sunscreen products and one that is perfect for your sunny holiday is the Little Urchin Natural Clear Zinc Sunscreen SPF 50+  It glides on easily without any whitewash, is SPF 50+ for excellent UVA & UVB protection, it’s 4hrs water resistant and suitable for the entire family from 6months up! Discover the Nourished range of all natural sunscreen

Fake Tan 

No one loves the first reveal of their winter skin for the summer…. Usually some shade of white & pasty and often a little neglected. Using an organic sunless tan (aka fake tan) can be the answer to feeling good in our skin from the first moment we strip down to our bathing suit. We love the Three Warriors organic tanning products and can confidently recommend both the Self-Tan Mousse and the Gradual Tan. 

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Three Warriors Self-Tan Mousse delivers a deep and rich tan in a matter of minutes. It’s easy to apply and won’t stain your clothes or sheets once dry. 

Three Warriors Gradual Tan is a colourless, easy to apply moisturiser that gives a beautifully golden, buildable tan. Use once to take the edge off your fluro-white tone, or apply a few days in a row to slowly & safely reach your desired shade of golden.  


Lip Balm 

In fact rather than a lip balm we are going to recommend a Lip Serum. The BL Lip Serum from Biologi is packed with phytonutrients that work to reduce redness, calm inflammation and deeply condition to eliminate flaking & dryness. The  BL Lip Serum also delivers a fresh clear shine to lift any look! 


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After Sun 

Help your skin recover from your fun in the sun with the Cellular Repair Body + Face Lotion, a  highly active & effective skincare product without any harmful or unnecessary ingredients from Sans [ceuticals]. This Body + Face Lotion is a highly nourishing formulation that includes 5% niacinamide and a combination of nourishing lipids that work to hydrate & nourish skin and reduce pigmentation. Niacinamide, also known as vitamin B3, is utilised in the best of dermatological skincare as a gold-standard ingredient thanks to its scientifically proven ability to reduce pigmentation, calm redness & soothe inflammation, even skin tone and repair UV damage all whilst stimulating collagen & elastin production.  Appease the post-sun skin guilt with this ultimate after-sun lotion. 

Face Serum 

One of the biggest drawbacks of a summer holiday can be the post-sun pigmentation that many people experience in the form of brown spots, freckles & uneven skin tone.  The Bqk - Radiance Face Serum from Biologi contains abundant levels of natural vitamin C and pigment inhibiting phyto actives that work together to reduce the appearance of pigmentation, freckles and redness in the skin as well as preventing further uneven skin tone.   



Does anyone else feel a little sexy when they are on a summer holiday? We do! That’s why the last item on our sunny holiday travel essential list is the new Aer Vibe from Dame.  To be fair… Aer isn’t technically a vibrator, instead it uses air & suction to deliver pleasurably mind blowing stimulation to gently get you there. This toy is for fans of oral stimulation & can be used solo or with a partner/s and definitely deserves some of your luggage space. 


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