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Woman Of Nourished | Lois Kruidenier

Sep 09, 2021

Lois Kruidenier, clean beauty, Natuurlijke makeup, natuurlijke make-up, Dutch Influencer, Nourished

"I write with brutal honesty, that’s how I write. And when you do that, when you dare to be brutally honest with yourself, and also with people around you, sometimes the honesty doesn’t really stick with people but the brutal-ness does."


Author, poet, mother & influencer; Lois Kruidenier speaks on honesty in writing & life, the duality of motherhood and sensual womanhood and how she came to be a clean-beauty lover. 

Lois Kruidenier, Women Of Nourished, Woman of nourished, natuurlijke makeup, natuurlijke make-up

I started out in acting but after finishing acting school I actually went straight into directing. Being on stage was something that I liked and hated at the same time. I had a very toxic relationship with acting. I figured out that I liked directing more as I liked telling others what to do more than I liked being told what to do by someone else.

Lois Kruidenier, Nourished, Natuurlijke Makeup, Natuurlijke Make-up, Ere Perez

I have always written because that is the way of understanding my own soul, I need to write to understand and to feel myself and to express myself. And when I became a mum I started writing on instagram about what I was feeling and what I was going through and people found it interesting! They found it beautiful, they found recognition in it and that is how I discovered that the art that I was always meant to make wasn’t necessarily in the theatre, I could also make art by writing, which was the thing that I always wanted the most I just never thought that I could. And now I know that I can, because I just released my first book! 


"I started to become aware about forgiveness and forgiving myself when I became a mother. I never knew that motherhood comes with a lot of guilt, all of the time." 


We forget that mothers are also hot, horny, sexy human beings. For me as well, when my youngest was a newborn, sex became something that was no longer for the house, which is strange because then.... where else?! But you have to re-find your womanhood after you become a mother. People think that mums have to be sweet & nurturing with a lot of patience. But I’m not always that. I’m not always patient. I’m not always sweet. Sometimes I don’t want to be nurturing. You are. Because you have to be. But the side of me who likes to get drunk, in a club, dance on a bar still belongs to me and when I give myself the space to let me be the woman I like to be, then I am a better mother.

Lois Kruidenier, Nourished, Clean beauty, Natural makeup, Natuurlijke makeup, Natuurlijke make-up

To be honest I wasn't that green. After my first daughter was born I was sweating so much and I was smelling so bad...I could even smell myself! So I was looking for a good deodorant and because I was breastfeeding I didn’t want to use a chemical deodorant and that is when I found a deodorant at your webshop and I was hooked! It was so good because I had been searching for so long and tried so many products that didn’t work.  

In the meanwhile a few other Nourished favourites have made their way to Lois her bathroom and bedroom: 

+ Ere Perez Quandong Serum 

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"It wasn’t like a personal choice but more I learnt from what I was reading on your website and your instagram account that it wasn’t only better for my skin, it was also better for the environment and the world." 


Lois's favourite Nourished products: 

 + Ere Perez Oat Milk Foundation 
+ Black Chicken Axilla Paste Deodorant  

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