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Why This Brand Founder Prefers Wild Over Organic

Mar 31, 2021

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Hello Nourished readers, my name is Nicole O'Sullivan and I am the founder of Australian clean beauty brand; Wildcrafted Organics. My background is in botanical medicine and nutrition and this led me to starting my brand when I noticed a lack of brands using truly wild and sustainably harvested ingredients.


When creating my products for Wildcrafted Organics, I prefer wild botanicals over organically grown cultivated plants because of their incredibly high nutrient profiles, but it is more than that - there is an essence in ‘wild’ that I am drawn to. Wild Plants develop differently as they must survive in the harshest of environments, they don’t just survive -they thrive in places where other plants simply could not exist. These Wild Plants are the tough, underdogs of the plant world and they are able to thrive in these harsh conditions by producing incredibly high levels of antioxidants. It is these antioxidants & nutrients that make them so attractive to skincare brands and formulators. 




I created Wildcrafted Organics to be a luxurious and holistic skincare range, packed with nutrition and active ingredients that actually work. We have been fortunate enough to receive many awards for our products from around the world due to their unique and innovative nature. Each product contains high concentrations of precious Certified Organic and/or Wildcrafted Botanicals, Bio Active ingredients and Vitamins, all of which have been intentionally chosen for their ability to nourish, rebuild and protect that beautiful skin of yours. The range is a culmination of my love and respect for the incredible healing power of plants, along with a desire to harness the unique essence of Australia’s wild harvested botanicals. Our products do not include any questionable chemicals or cheap fillers - every skin loving ingredient is there for a reason and is delivered at a potent dosage. 


One of our star ingredients is the Wild Plum complex that consists of three Australian Wild harvested super fruits - Kakadu plum, Burdekin plum and Illawarra plum. This super-fruit extract has been clinically proven to increase the skin hydration by up to 60% within 30 minutes and up to 128% after 30 days of use! It has also been proven to increase collagen regeneration by up to 98% - the incredible healing power of plants is undeniable. You’ll find this super-fruit extract ingredient in two of our most popular products; the Wild Rose Botanical Mist and the Wild Plum Illuminating C Serum.

Whilst there is currently a huge demand in the beauty industry for wild harvested plant extracts and it is extremely important that it is done sustainably with the utmost care and respect for the environment and under the watchful eye and engagement of our Indigenous Australian communities. This is something that I am so passionate about for both Wildcrafted Organics and the beauty industry beyond. 


~ Nicole O'Sullivan
Founder Wildcrafted Organics