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Why Shampoo Is Ruining Your Hair

Jul 24, 2023

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Do you have hair that needs to be washed daily or even every second day otherwise you end up with the worst hair day ever?

There is a good chance that your shampoo is the guilty culprit. With almost every shampoo around containing sodium laurel sulfate, it's no wonder so many of us are trapped in the vicious cycle of needing more and more hair products.


What is sodium laurel sulfate?


Sodium laurel sulfate is the ingredient that creates the foaming action in most shampoos. It is also a regular offender for causing skin & scalp irritation and can dry hair out, creating a vicious cycle of needing more and more hair products to make it feel smooth & silky once more. 


Cleansing should be a mild and gentle process, protecting the hair without stripping it of its essential elements. One of the many reasons that we love the Sans [ceuticals] sulfate-free hair washes is that they are formulated without sodium laurel sulfate & are crafted from local sustainable ingredients. Their natural hair washes are effective yet gentle and will leave your hair healthy, soft & nourished without needing to get on the hair product merry-go-round of adding more and products to your hair care ritual.  


Not sure which Sans [ceuticals] hair wash is right for you? 


The Balancing Hair Wash is ideal for:


+ Normal hair
+ Short Hair
+ Men's hair
+ Oily roots
+ Sensitive skin conditions
+ Sensitive scalps
+ Dry scalps


The focus of the Balancing series is to relieve scalp dryness & irritation. This formulation includes key active ingredients Pentavitin, Varied Molecular Weight Proteins & Sugar Beet Extract that deliver hydration & nutrition for healthy, soft, shiny hair.  


 The Volumising Hair Wash is best for:


+ Fine, limp hair
+ Oily roots


This is a lightweight formula that leaves hair feeling refreshed, full and voluminous. Formulated with key active ingredients Vit B5, Sugar Beet Extract & Dragon's Blood Extract to make the hair fibre plump and full while giving a super boost to hair strength and hydration. 


The Nourishing Hair Wash is recommended for:


+ Dry hair
+ Coloured hair
+ Keratin treated hair
+ Frizz-prone hair 


A deluxe formula that delivers intense hydration, while providing superior protection for your colour against damage caused by thermal styling tools. Containing a dialled up super dose of strengthening and reparative key active ingredients including Keratrix, Vit B5 & Aquaxyl that leave your hair feeling strong, soft and velvet-smooth.


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Save your hair & the planet by switching to clean & green, sodium laurel sulfate  free hair care today!