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Our natural Valentine's Gift Guide

Jan 25, 2024

Our all natural Valentine's GiftGuide

Valentine's Day is here before you know it, so let's get prepared. Give your lover a beautiful gift or spoil yourself with something nice to celebrate the most important love, self-love. We made this Valentine's Day easy for you and curated the ultimate clean & green lovers gift guide for you.

Gifts to enjoy in the bedroom ;-)

Valentine is about love and this can be explored by yourself, with a partner or with multiple partners. We have a few bedroom gift lined up for you that you can explore with on your own or other people. Let them take you wherever you would like to go. 

+ Sex Oil - Massage Oil 
Enjoy this sex or massage oil by yourself or with a partner(s), either way will be fun ;). This oil can be used externally and internally, to give you both an extra smooth & sensual experience.

+ CDB Intimate Oil 
Get extra in the mood with this oil-based CBD Lubricant from MyLubie. This natural oil-based lubricant is a multi-purpose oil that can be used as a massage oil & lubricant and will add spark to the bedroom. The 300mg of CBD in the formula enhances your sensations, helps you relax and increases your chances of orgasm.

+ Aura - Clitorial Vibrator (coming soon)
This air pressure vibrator cannot be missed on your bedroom cabinet. It provides extra clitoral stimulation for the ultimate orgasm, use it together or alone. We can't wait!

+ Pom Flexibel Vibrator
This vibe is has it all, it's flexible, soft and powerful thanks to its precision engineered motor and five pleasure patterns.

What do you give your women for Valentine's Day? 

Whilst chocolate, flowers and wine are classics, it might be time for something new. Why not explore a different realm of gifts with the essence of self-love. Give your special women something that nurtures her inner self and boosts her confidence. Our own beloved team members (all women) have selected a few amazing natural, long-lasting gifts for you.  Retreatment Botanics, Instant Glow Masque

+ Goji Body & Face Cleansing Oil
This highly effective yet nourishing cleanser will be perfect for, sensitive skin, dry skin and acne prone skin. The bottle is big and goes a long way. This will be her new all-time favourite. 

+ Instant Glow Face Masque
This natural face masque will transform dull skin into clear, hydrated and luminous complexion. It reduces fine lines, calms inflamed skin, exfoliates dead skincells and protects the skin. Spoil her with a beautiful at home spa treatment!

Skin Recovering Silk Sleep Bundle from Dore and Rose
Your (girl)friend will sleep like a baby on this soft, breathable and beautiful Silk Pillowcase. The pillow will prevent the skin from aging and is an absolute must-have for a good night sleep!

Gifts to give to your boyfriend

As we may hope that our men will buy us presents on this day, let's not forget to buy him a little present. And maybe up there self-love game. 
Are you wondering what to give to your man on Valentine's Day? We've selected some of our favorite products from the men's section that you will enjoy as much as your boyfriend will. 

Sans Cellular Repair Lotion

+ Cellular Repair Body + Face Lotion
Effective, without any harmful or unnecessary ingredients. This lotion will give you healthier, more hydrated & youthful skin and will be perfect for skin with conditions such as skin pigmentation, dermatitis, acne and dry skin. We know from experience that ALL men love this product. The design, smell, and functionality of the bottle. 

+ Hair + Beard + Scalp Treatment
Most men don't like to have a lot of tubes and different products. We've created an oil that is multifunctional and is perfect to use as a beard, hair and scalp oil. And ladies, you'll love this too!

+ Natural Deodorant Nourished Daily 
Let's introduce your man to a natural deodorant without aluminium. This natural deodorant is our nr. 1 bestseller on Nourished. This natural, vegan & cruelty free deodorant delivers naturally fresh days for everyone including those with more powerful odor or sweaty armpits.


Gifts to use together

Why not give your partner a gift for both of you to enjoy?
Wether this is in the bathroom, bedroom or somewhere else, we got you covered.Eva Dame Sex Toy


+ Activator 7 Oil
Perfect for shaving, or use it as a body oil, facial and hair serum, beard oil or even as a massage oil! Enjoy an oily journey together and spice up your night. This oil will create space in your bath and bedroom too.

Eva Hands Free Vibrator
Using a vibe with your hands in the bedroom can be distracting, the Eva will offer clitoral stimulation during penetrative sex. It's flexible, soft & waterproof!

+ Ultra Thin Condoms
Get closer to your partner and enjoy yourself with the My Lubie's Ultra Thin Condoms. Wrap them up, surprise your lovely lady with her favorite meal, write a love card, give the condoms and make your evening extra spicy. ;)


Although gift-giving is not everyone's love language, on this day giving a gift will be always appreciated. Do you want to know more about what love languages you speak, read our article. 

Here you go, your all-natural ultimate gift guide! Enjoy these gifts together, on your own or with whomever you'll spend Valentine's Day with. Getting in the mood for giving gifts? Or do you not see anything suitable yet for your lover? Check out our gift collection.