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The Miracle Of Dry Shampoo

Aug 16, 2020

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, chances are you have either used or at least heard of using Dry Shampoo to keep your hair fresh between washes, but did you know that this genius product is versatile enough to fulfil many of your hair needs? 

We have formulated the Nourished x Romy clean hair care capsule collection with sustainability in mind and such have made our Dry Shampoo THE multifunctional product you need to have in your bathroom.

Thanks to a few star ingredients our Dry Shampoo fulfills many roles that will not only save your hair, but will help propel it to superstar status!

Lose the greasy look in an instant 

I don’t know many women who love a greasy look when it comes to their hair. In fact, many of us dread that inbetween day where we look in the mirror in the morning and decide “I can go another day without washing”  only to discover by mid-morning that we got that estimation horribly wrong and are now looking regrettably like we've had our head stuck in the chip fryer. But never fear, star ingredient Oat Kernel Flour is here to save your day, and your roots!  Just a few sprays of this hard working, almost invisible Dry Shampoo will remedy greasy roots and get you through the day until your next wash. 

Reduce washing

Trapped in the cycle of having to wash your hair more often than it can handle? Most of us who find ourselves in this vicious cycle of washing cite greasy roots &/or itchy scalp as a reason for increasing hair frequency. The catch with this approach is that the more we wash, the more we strip our hair and scalp of its natural oils, and so the more oil and hair and scalp produce. This approach leaves us in a fruitful and never ending cycle of greasy roots, sensitised scalps and hair washing. Spacing out your hair washing by using Dry Shampoo will allow your scalp and hair to slowly re-balance your oil production and allow for glossy hair without the grease, a healthier scalp and less need for washing.    

Add volume to fine hair 

If you have fine or thinning hair you know the feeling of the mid-afternoon hair slump. If your hair is screaming at you for a 2pm pick-me-up then Dry Shampoo is going to replace caffeine as your new best friend. This ultra-fine and velvety powder disappears amongst your roots only to re-emerge as volumized and full hair with lift and va-va-voom! The ultimate afternoon refresher. 

Hold a curl 

Mastering a head of curly hair is truly a life’s work, regardless whether your curls are gifted from birth or from the curling wand. Dry Shampoo can help to create your best curls yet by adding lift, volume. texture and definition and delivering some serious staying power to keep your curl-game strong all day. 

Style an updo

Added Brahmi in the Nourished x Romy Dry Shampoo formulation works to lift dull, flat hair and add thickness & volume for impeccable styling. An easy-to-use natural alternative to chemical-based styling gels, serums, and sprays in creating your ultimate updo for that special event, night out or hot date.  

Treat yo’ scalp

Nourish and calm scalp irritation, combat dandruff and improve scalp health with this 100% natural miracle formulation. Improve your scalp skin barrier thanks to Colloidal Oatmeal & Aloe, a few of the star ingredients in this all natural formulation and say goodbye to itchiness, redness and flakes. Our 100% natural formulation is suitable for all hair and scalp types including sensitive, itchy, inflamed and flaky scalps! Formulated vegan, cruelty-free and WITHOUT parabens, silicones and sulphates. 

For best results, we recommend using our Nourished x Romy Dry Shampoo + Styling Powder + Scalp Treatment in combination with other clean hair products from the Nourished collection.  

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