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Slow Beauty

May 02, 2023

Slow Beauty

You may have heard about it, "Slow Living" this is actually a lifestyle. It's all about living more consciously and enjoying the little things in life. We as Nourished can totally identify with this and therefore we are going to tell you more about it.
Slow Living is also on the rise in the beauty world. It is not only about giving yourself time to relax and enjoy, but also about being more conscious about the products you use. It's about creating a ritual that helps you relax and pamper yourself. An important aspect is using sustainable products. But it is also important to be conscious about the amount of products you use and to find ways to reuse or recycle them. We give you three tips on how you can apply Slow Beauty in your daily life.

Waterless formulas

Who wants skincare products that are mostly water? It's important to prioritize ingredients that are truly effective, right?

Waterless beauty products, which are formulated with cream, wax, or gel bases, are more concentrated and longer-lasting. They come in smaller packages, saving on shipping and packaging costs as water can be heavy. Using waterless beauty products is environmentally friendly, as smaller and more efficient products reduce carbon footprint.

Moreover, water can actually strip moisture from the skin, so it's better to use products where water is not the main ingredient. Water alone cannot dissolve dirt and grease, so a good cleanser is still essential.

Biologi, BF serum, skincare, Nourished

+ Biologi, Bf - Restore Face & Body Serum
Biologi's unique extraction process delivers the highest concentrate of active botanical ingredients to your skin. No additives, fragrances, or even water, just plant extracts pure enough to drink (but why waste it!)

Nourished, Nourished Daily, soap bars, natural, natuurlijk

+ Nourished Daily, Cleanse Bars
Keep your natural Cleanse Bar on a soap dish to extend its already long life. Get your body fresh & clean, save money & the planet with this zero-waste, fresh & nourishing body cleansing soap bar.

Zero-waste packaging 

With Slow Beauty comes zero-waste packaging. Using recyclable, biodegradable and reusable packaging are that new go to. These leave the least possible trace on the environment. Not only are they better for the environment, but they also have benefits on our own health and wallet.
By using zero-waste products and packaging, we reduce our impact on the planet and help reduce waste. Although zero-waste beauty products can be more expensive to purchase, they often last longer than conventional beauty products. Because they are more concentrated and require less packaging. So in the long run, you can save money on this. Finally, zero-waste beauty packaging is made from natural and organic materials and does not contain harmful chemicals. Which is also better for our health.


LastSwab, beauty, zero-waste, Nourished

+ LastSwab, Beauty

Looking for an eco-friendly alternative to remove any makeup errors? The LastSwab Beauty from Last Object is the essential for your zero-waste makeup routine.

Sans ceuticals, skincare, natural, natuurlijk, Nourished

+ Sans [ceuticals], Superdose Luminosity Masque

A luxurious face masque designed to smooth and brighten the skin while improving hydration, stimulating collagen renewal, fade signs of pigmentation and sun-damaged skin, reduce pores, calm acne and improve fine lines and wrinkles.

Multifunctional products

The love for multifunctional beauty products, we at Nourished have had for a while now. And this is also totally in line with the lifestyle of 'Slow Living'.
Is it really necessary to have a blush, lipstick and eyeliner all in the same color? Or to have a skincare routine of 12 steps? After all, that's the average number of skincare products a woman uses. We don't think so. Using products that perform multiple functions at once is really convenient. That way you consume less, reduce your carbon footprint and save money!
These are our favorites multi-functional products:

Inika Organic, lipstick, blush, natural, multifunctional, Nourished

+ Inika Organic, Lipstick Crayon

This lipstick is made of a creamy texture and satin finish. This beautiful crayon provides nourishment and lasting power thanks to Certified Organic Coconut Oil, Certified Organic Carnauba Wax and Vitamin E. This pencil is highly pigmented and you can also use it on your cheeks as a blush.

Ere Perez, lipstick, blush, natural, Nourished

+ Ere Perez, Carrot Colour Pots

The Carrot Colour Pot is a natural multitasking balm in a gorgeous colours. This vegan balm adds instant colour to cheeks, eyelids and lips. Fits perfectly in your pocket, with a practical mirror lid for touch ups so you can lift your look anytime, anywhere!

At Nourished, we like to live our lives using Slow Living and choose Slow Beauty products. These products and information can help you do just that. If you are interested or have any questions, feel free to contact us!