Nourished Journal

Plant-based Futures

Jun 03, 2020

Lieke Dols, Lisa Winters, Trend Snack, Plant-based Future.

Vegan, something we mainly associate with a diet. Meanwhile, veganism goes beyond what is on our plate and slowly unlocks more sectors. In this special Trend Snack edition for Nourished, Trend Forecaster Lieke Dols explores the growing trend of a plant-based lifestyle.

From eco-status to eco-shame

Sustainable consumption is a hot topic. Making conscious and good choices is becoming easier and more affordable. It also feels good to buy a sustainable product. Slowly this eco-status reaches it’s next level: eco-shame. Why would you nót choose eco?

The first eco-shame wave has spread from Sweden with the term "flygskam". This word discribes the dilemma you might experience when you jump on a plane to your next tropical destination, knowing that there are less environmentally damaging alternatives to get around.

It is no longer the exotic travels, latest gadgets and most expensive items that give satisfaction. The era of always wanting more makes room for less: flying less, consuming less, less waste, less pollution. Less, but better. Better for the environment, better for humans, better for animals and better for the earth.

A plant-based lifestyle goes beyond what you eat

The group of eco-consumers who think and act vegan is rising. Although food is leading in this movement, more and more sectors are adapting this movement: beauty, fashion, interior and hospitality. There four inspiring examples from different industries show that the future is becoming plant-based:

  1. With Marcel's Green Soap you not only clean your body in a natural way, but your home too. Marcel's desire for more environmentally friendly products started an experiment in his own living room. Now he has a collection of 100% vegan soaps with unique fragrances and recycled packaging.
  2. Buffy is a home brand that develops vegan bedding. The 100% plant-based duvets are made from natural eucalyptus wood pulp, both for the filling and for the housing and wires, which makes the product completely biodegradable. A perfect way to make your bedroom a comfortable and earth friendly place to dream away.
  3. The fashion industry is one of the three most polluting industries in the world (leading is the meat industry and the oil industry at number two). Last year, the world's first Vegan Fashion Week took place in Los Angeles, with a mission that goes far beyond eco-leather and faux fur. The initiative provides a platform for designers and innovators who are committed to innovation in the production process, use of materials and consumer behavior. From apple leather to pineapple yarn, and beauty from natural ingredients. With events, shows, lectures and panel discussions, the vegan creatives are making an end to the exploitation of animals for our clothing. They are putting new opportunities for a more sustainable, animal-friendly fashion industry on the map. (Tip for fashion lovers: you can travel to Los Angeles from your living room and attend virtual events on the subject.)              
  4. Want to take your plant-based lifestyle with you while traveling? Then spenthe night at the world's first vegan hotel room at Hilton London. Free from leather, feathers and other animal materials. A room that is completely natural, from a vegetable keycard to ecological stationery and a vegan mini-bar.
  5. Colgate takes its approach to climate change to a next level too. The worldwide known toothpaste brand takes a first step in offering more sustainable choices with the introduction of the "smile for good" line of plant-based oral care. With natural ingredients, transparency about the production process and recyclable packaging, the brand shows commitment to reducing - or even eliminating - their footprint.

A new generation of purpose brands

With this positive development, a new generation of entrepreneurs with a strong mission for a healthy and clean future rises. They embrace imperfection and show openly that they’re not there yet in what they’re striving for. The answer to the big climate change challenge is not clear yet, but these entrepreneurs do believe that things can be done differently. Step by step they are getting closer to their purpose. Without greenwashing and a slick marketing story, these brands increase the offer of sustainable, natural and animal-friendly products by heart to make a positive impact in their industry.

Trend Snack is the changing zeitgeist in word and image by Lieke Dols en Lisa Winters.