Nourished Journal

How To Use Your Hair Treatment Oil

Nov 15, 2020

100% Natuurlijke Haarolie | Natural Hair Oil | Nourished x Romy

Are you experiencing dry, damaged and brittle hair? Bring your hair back to life with the Nourished x Romy Luxurious Hair + Scalp Treatment Oil.  

Not sure how to use your Nourished x Romy Luxurious Hair + Scalp Treatment Oil? Watch Romy Boomsma herself share with you how to get the most out of your Nourished x Romy Hair Oil. 



When developing a dry shampoo we discovered that using a great natural hair oil can benefit the health of your mane. Our Luxurious Hair Treatment Oil is perfect for: 


+ dry hair

+ frizzy hair

+ repairing damaged hair from hot tools or protect your hair whilst using hot styling tools. 

+ maintaining healthy hair

+ calming sensitive skin & scalp 

+ perfect as a beard oil

+ dry cuticles? use our oil on your nails!