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HAPPY NEW YEAR - Our Team's Favourites

Dec 29, 2023

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We cannot believe it is already 2024! Time seems to go by more quickly as the year passes. We want to wish you a year full of blissful moments, happy thoughts and of course a cabinet full of natural beauty gems! We love to kickstart this year with sharing our Team's favourites with you. Because we understand that sometimes you just need a good dose of inspiration to give your skincare routine a must needed update. Plus it is good fun to get to know the people behind Nourished a bit better, not? 

Erin's favourites

Let's begin with some words of our lovely founder and Aussie Erin:

"I like the fresh energy at the start of the year. The feeling of renewal, setting intentions, making plans and seeing where this year will take me. But whatever happens, I know I can always count on these beauties to make my day, week or year  ;)":

 Acne Cleanse Bar - Nourished Daily 

    Floor's favourites

    But besides the Australian brains, we also like to share some words of our multi-talented Dutch founder Floor: "After the busy holiday season, I always welcome the new year with rest, contemplation and a good laugh. This combination always makes me feel refreshed and full of ideas for the new season. Last year these were some of my most used Nourished products, check them out":


    Sansceuticals - Goji Body + Face Cleansing Oil


    Finally, Nourished would not be complete without the hard work of our quick customer service star Judith, sparkly marketeer Noeki and powerful intern Rachelle! 

    Their favourites:

    Judith struggled quite a bit with postpartum hair loss and missed having nourished, shiny hair. That's why her favourite product is to no surprise our own Nourished Natural Hair Care Duo.  

    Noeki loves to brighten up her face in the midst of winter and for her the Carrot Colour Pot of Ere Perez does the trick. It does not only serve as a blush, but can also be used for the eyelids or on the lips. She does love a multifunctional product!

    Rachelle was fond to try out the Kakadu Brightening Serum of Retreatment Botanics and it is fair to say she immediately fell in love with this product. Deeply nourishing, leaving her skin feeling rejuvenated and well taken care of.

    Our little love note to you

    Well, of course we hope these lovely product tips will help you in your search for a natural skincare routine that suits you best! If, however, you need any advice on a specific shade or feel doubtful about certain ingredients, feel welcome to send us a message in our chat or e-mail us at

    Sending you a digital hug from our Team Nourished to you!

    Team Nourished