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Natural men's skincare for everyday

Jun 13, 2023

Men's natural skincare

This is for all the men out there, we have the most beautiful natural skincare products for men's skin. If you're looking for a wonderful, but of course also a practical skincare routine, we'd love to show you the very best natural options.  From cleanser to moisturizer we have it all. Your skin and the planet will thank you. 


Wake up and cleanse your face with a refreshing cleanser. To maintain the cleanest skin possible, it is important to give your face a deep clean in the morning and evening. This is because it removes all the accumulated dirt and extra oils. Besides, it also feels nice and will leave your skin feeling fresh and clean. These natural cleansers are the absolute favorites:

+ Acne Cleanse Bar | Nourished Daily

+ Dry Skin Cleanse Bar | Nourished Daily

+ Sensitive Skin Cleanse Bar | Nourished Daily

+ Bc Refresh Cleanser | Biologi

+ Goji Cleansing Oil | Sans [ceuticals] 


Men Skincare | Natural Moisturiser | Nourished


The next step is to moisturize and take some good care of your skin. This is important to maintain the skin's supple texture and will nourish the skin during the day and night. The favorite natural moisturizers for men are:

For the face:

+ Cellular Repair Lotion | [Sans ceuticals]

+ Bf Restore Serum | Biologi

+ Skin Food Nourishing Day- & Night Cream | Weleda

+ Papaya Face & Neck Lotion | Pure Papaya Care

For the body:

+ Daily Body Lotion | Nourished Daily

+ Activator 7 Oil | Sans [ceuticals]


After nourishing the skin with a decent layer of moisturizer it's very important to apply SPF, preferably every morning. Yes, even when the sun is not out our skin will be exposed to damaging sun rays. Wear at least a factor 30 and you're good to go. These are the favorite natural sunscreen options:

+ Natural Zinc Sunscreen Stick SPF50+ | Little Urchin

+ Natural Clear Zinc Sunscreen SPF 50+ | Little Urchin

+ Natural Sunscreen SPF30 | Little Urchin

Men's natural skincare routine Nourished


Personal Hygiene

Now that your skin is moisturized and protected it's also nice to apply some wonderful smelling natural deodorant. A natural deodorant is as effective as a conventional deodorant, but without the harsh ingredients. Take a look at these superstars and beat the uncomfortable sweat odor.

+ Natural Deodorant Stick - Early Spring/Chai Spice | Nourished Daily

+ Sensitive Skin Deodorant - Early Spring/Chai Spice | Nourished Daily

+ Axilla Natural Deodorant | Black Chicken Remedies

If you want to discover more beautiful natural men's care products, take a look at our natural care collection for men. Here you will find natural body wash, toothpaste, sensual products & more. For all your questions, we're happy to assist you through Instagram, webchat or email.