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Embrace the sparkle with festive season makeup

Nov 23, 2023

Embrace the sprakle with festive season makeup | Nourished

With the holidays around the corner, we are all looking for just that little bit extra to complete your look. How? With makeup! A subtle glitter, sparkle and glow are a fun addition to your makeup routine and create a beautiful sparkle that adds an enchanting touch to your festive look. In this article, we will show you some of our favorite sparkling makeup products that are going to make you glow this holiday season!

Highlight your features

A highlighter adds extra shine to your makeup, making your skin look radiant and refreshed. There are different types of highlighters, in different colors. Here are some favorites.

Radiant Glow | INIKA Organic | Nourished

+ Radiant Glow

The Radiant Glow from INIKA Organic is a primer, moisturizer and illuminiser all-in-one. We love a multifunctional product, that’s why this product could not be missed.

Primer: Create a glowing base with a dewy finish for long lasting makeup wear. 

Moisturizer: Mix with your daily BB cream or foundation for a natural dewy glow. 

Illuminate: Apply the Radiant Glow onto your cheekbones, brow bone, the tip of your nose and in your cupid bow to show off your best features. Are you wearing a dress or top with low décolletage? Then don’t forget to apply a few drops to your décolletage.



+ Luminous Liquid Highlighter

Inspired by the movements of the sun this highlighter from Eye Of Horus is both nourishing and plumping for the skin thanks to its natural formulation. Available in three different colors. Easy to apply with the tip applicator.

It’s all about eyes

Let your eyes speak for themselves by applying a touch of glitter with the beautiful eyeshadow palettes.

Eyeshadow compact | Eye of Horus | Nourished

+ Fruit Pigmented Rose Gold Palette

Create a dreamy makeup look with this palette from 100% Pure. The palette has three beautiful gold & warm pink tones and includes a blush & highlighter. Match a matte shade with a sparkle and let your eyes speak. 

+ Eyeshadow Compact

Eyes of Horus' compact eyeshadow palettes are perfect for an everyday look but can also be used for an evening look to add that extra sparkle. The small size makes it ideal to take it with you everywhere you go. Available in the colors Dusk & Dawn, but is also possible to create your own palette, how cool is that?

Shimmering lips

Some color on your lips completes the festive look! Highlight your pouch ;) and make your smile stand out even more.

Coconut Splash Lip Gloss | RAWW | Nourished

+ Coconut Splash Lip Gloss

This high-shine gloss from RAWW Cosmetics is enriched with nourishing superfoods to keep your lips soft, hydrated and plump. The perfect gloss for a glamorous & kissable look! Discover which color suits you and combine it with the Coconut Kiss Lip Pencil to give your lips extra definition. Using a lipliner is definitely a game changer.

+ Carrot Colour Pot

Another multifunctional product! The Carrot Colour Pot from Ere Perez is a blush and lip tint in one. This vegan balm gives your cheeks and lips an amazing tint, and the tiny pot makes it fit perfectly in your pocket so you can still touch up your makeup during Christmas dinner ;). The lid functions as a mirror so it is made very easy for you. There is a suitable color for everyone.

Have a wonderful holiday season, try a new look this year and shine like never before!