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Eco Tan - Certified Organic Tanning and Skin Care

Feb 02, 2019

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Award winning Australian Tanning brand Eco Tan was the first Tanning brand that was loved by the Nourished customers.  


Founded by Sonia Driver because of the urge of wanting a tan but not willing to sit in the sun and get skin damage by UV rays. Sonya started getting spray tand but discovered the toxicity of the ingredients. 


Sonya started buying in samples of cacao, flower essence, chamomile and all all things natural and organic and started mixing batches out of her tiny kitchen in her house. This is where the dream started. 


In 2011, Eco Tan made Australian history by becoming the first and only tanning manufacturer to be certified organic by the Organic Food Chain under the Australian government.


Nourished is proud to be selling their famous Natural Tanning Range and part of the Eco by Sonia skin care range. 

Our most popular product is the Face Tan Water and the Hempitan. Have a look at those two gorgeous products here:



Australian made. All natural. Organic ingredients. Vegan. Cruelty free & toxic free.