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How The Modern World Is Damaging Your Skin

May 31, 2022

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Let's discuss how the modern world is damaging your skin, and the ground-breaking product designed to combat environmental damage. 


If there's one thing that's becoming evident with ongoing research, it's that the skin is bearing the brunt of a modern-day world. 


From premature ageing, increased redness and sensitivity and the rise of chronic skin concerns, consumers these days have to fight much harder to combat damage caused by three environmental aggressors there's little to no escape from. 


Environmental pollution  

The vision of commuters wearing face masks in smog-filled cities gives the illusion that pollution only causes damage when inhaled. 


But what about when the skin, the body's largest organ, is exposed to pollution all day, every day?


The skin plays a vital role in overall health. The outer dermal layer works as a protective barrier to keep the body free from toxins and synthetic microparticles found in exhaust smoke, pesticides, smog, and cigarette smoke.   

Overexposure to these harmful toxins can lead to a damaged protective barrier that presents as dry, cracked, irritated skin that is susceptible to cracking and sores. 


These cellular irregularities are not only painful and uncomfortable, but also allow environmental toxins to penetrate the skin and enter the system leading to further damage and ongoing health issues. 


While we all try our best to live clean, pollution is no longer just a problem for the lungs and the skin needs to be strong enough to withstand the impact of pollution.   


Blue light 

While we try our hardest to implement boundaries with device use, blue light exposure is undoubtedly taking its toll on the skin. 


Daylight exposure to blue light is essential to enhance energy, mood and focus. As blue light occurs naturally in sunlight, we certainly can't deny we need it to thrive. 


But when the brain is exposed to blue light radiated by devices (screens, mobile phones and tablets), the brain thinks it's daytime and does what it's trained to do... enhance energy, mood and focus! 


This exposure, particularly at night, makes us more alert when it's time to wind down which can severely impact sleep, the most vital time for cellular regeneration and health. 


UV rays

Ongoing exposure to the sun can lead to pigmentation, sunspots and even chronic health concerns like cancer. But did you know that free radical damage caused by UVA and UVB rays can lead to as much as 80% of ageing! 


Sunscreen is an essential part of a daily skincare routine, but with only 20% of fine lines and loss of elasticity attributed to natural collagen decline, is sunscreen enough? 

 Biologi, Vit C Serum, Vitamin C Serum, Vitamine C Serum, plant serum, plant-based serum, serum, natuurlijke huidverzorging, natural serum, natural skincare, natural skin care

Introducing Bg Defence Anti-Pollution Serum 

As the modern world continues to impact the skin and overall health, Bg Defence Anti-Pollution Serum is Biologi’s next product designed to harness the power of plant nutrients to provide an advanced solution to minimise the impact of oxidative stress and strengthen the skin barrier. 


Fully active and stable, the extract of strawberry gum leaf contains hundreds of nutrients that work together to hydrate the skin, build vital antioxidant protection, and strengthen the skin’s barrier to keep toxins out and assist cellular health. 


Active nutrients found in Bg Defence Anti-Pollution Serum

Plant vitamin C

Fully stable and active, plant vitamin C works as a potent antioxidant to strengthen the skin barrier, reduce irritation and boost collagen production to reverse the visible signs of ageing. 


Salicylic acid 

The first Biologi serum to naturally contain the skin-loving acid works to reduce redness and clear the skin for an even tone. 


B vitamins 

B vitamins work hard to hydrate the cells, reduce redness and irritation and repair damaged to calm the complexion for an overall glow. 


Flavonoids and phenolic acids 

The number one weapon in the fight against oxidative stress is antioxidants. While this natural defence can be built up in the body by eating them in the form of antioxidant-rich food such as berries, the superior protection can also be built from the outside when applied topically. 

Strawberry gum leaf is a potent source of flavonoids and phenolic acid, key nutrients that can be applied directly to the skin to repair the barrier and nourish the cells from the outside. 

A healthy skin barrier is critical to defending against the impact of environmental toxins found in our modern world. 


*Disclaimer: Bg Defence Anti-Pollution Serum is an excellent source of antioxidants but is no replacement for sun protection. We recommend applying a broad-spectrum sunscreen daily to protect against harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Shop Biologi plant-based serums for superior protection.  

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