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5 Reasons To Love Vitamin C In Your Skincare

Apr 04, 2022

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Why is Vitamin C so important? 

Vitamin C not only provides great skin benefits, but it’s a necessary and critical vitamin to our total health and wellbeing as its involved in the growth, development, and repair of our body tissues along with other body functions. It’s essential in the development of collagen, immunity and wound healing as well as maintaining the health of bones, teeth, and cartilage!

Vitamin C is a known skin hero ingredient and here are 5 good reasons why…  

Biologi, plantserum, plantaardig, serum,Bk Vitamin C Face & Eye Serum, Vitamin C, Vitamine C, Nourished, Nourishedeu

1. It's anti-ageing

Vitamin C is essential for the synthesis and processing of collagen.  We all know that collagen is the most abundant protein found in our body. Its collagen triple helix structure is not unlike a rope where three strands are wrapped around one another to provide the skin with structural strength and a smooth, firm skin. 

As we age, collagen can breakdown, due to enzymes that are activated by internal (intrinsic) factors but more importantly external (extrinsic) factors like UV exposure, diet, medication, and smoking. This causes a lack of structural strength and support to the skin which results in wrinkling, fine lines, and increased ageing. 

Active serums containing Vitamin C are vital to include in your regime as they stimulate fibroblast activity to encourage collagen synthesis, promoting skin suppleness, elasticity and reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

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2. It’s a potent antioxidant!

Vitamin C as an antioxidant, protects against damage by reactive molecules called free radicals.  Free radicals are a part of every person’s normal functioning body but when they are out of balance can cause oxidative stress, accelerated ageing, inflammation, and dehydration. 

Free radicals are unstable unpaired molecules and the reason why antioxidants are so vital is because they quench or donate an electron, making them stable.  As we age, or when we are under stress for example, our own bodies antioxidants also decrease and so it’s crucial to build up the protective barrier in the skin, providing better cellular health leaving your complexion to reap the rewards. 


3. Vitamin C is skin brightening

Vitamin C helps to inhibit melanogenesis and assists in reducing hyper-pigmentation allowing a more even skin colour. The pigmentation pathway is a complicated process and can overproduce melanin when activated by certain triggers like UV exposure or increased hormonal activity for example. This may display as different coloured patches on the skin and while pigmentation is largely non-irritating and generally painless, it indicates a cellular irregularity that can lead to stubborn discoloration on the skin.


Biologi, plantserum, plantaardig, serum, BK,Bk Vitamin C Face & Eye Serum, Bk - Rejuvenation serum,  Vitamin C, Vitamine C, Nourished, Nourishedeu

4. It helps with your skin barrier 

Ensuring a strong skin barrier is incredibly important for a healthy skin. Studies have shown that Vitamin C aids barrier functionality by influencing and enhancing the barrier lipids and helping to organise the structure of the stratum corneum, the skins most outer layer. 

5. Vitamin C helps with skin immunity 

A lack of Vitamin C can present on the skin as being more fragile and it may experience slower wound healing time. Vitamin C boosts the immunity of the skin by reinforcing its natural defence network and provides protective qualities to help reduce redness caused by sensitivity, overexposure to the sun or inflammatory skin disorders. 


Biologi, plantserum, plantaardig, serum, BK, Bk - Rejuvenation serum,  Vitamin C, Vitamine C, Nourished, Nourishedeu

How to give your skin the best dose of Vitamin C!

As we don’t make Vitamin C in our body, a diet rich in Vitamin C is always recommended, however reaching the skin can be challenging as it’s generally the last organ to receive it from our digestive system. That is where topicals come into play. 


When choosing a Vitamin C product, always look carefully at the ingredient listing, how the product is designed to work on the skin and what you can use with them. Investing in an active serum that contains no water, fillers or thickeners means no impediment of the efficacy of the ingredients within. Check the product packaging; airless bottles with pump dispensers to give measured doses is always a good choice. 


We love the Bk Vitamin C Serum for Face and Eyes from Biologi because it contains stable and protected natural Vitamin C from the Kakadu Plum Fruit Extract. This native Australian fruit tree contains the most Vitamin C of any plant in the world and through their revolutionary extraction technique, Biologi can provide your skin with a serum that is like no other. Rich in potent phyto-actives that are 100% bioactive, Bk delivers exactly what your skin needs in a Vitamin C serum to protect, nourish, and repair your skin that is non-irritating and contains no synthetics. 

Want to boost your Vitamin C levels?

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