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Six Reasons For Choosing Nourished

Jun 20, 2017

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  • We really are toxin free

That is the purpose of our existence! We can’t betray ourselves so we also can’t betray you. P.S. Being a Vegan or an Ethical shop still doesn’t mean they're toxin-free.

  • You are our motivation

You the customer, are our advisors and our investors. There is NO investor who rules the scepter at Nourished. Your choice drives our choices when it comes to everything we do! From our blogs and educational communication, to the products we stock. We love to bring you what you want.

  • We do everything in-house

We scout our brands and know the people behind the company. We pack your order and bring it to the local post-office. We write our own notes and special thank you letter especially for you!

  • We only stock cruelty-free products

We just love them animals. We hope you do too!.

  • We are transparent

Please post your reviews about our products and service. You are our gauge. We want you to be happy and satisfied with the product. Please help us to be a five star one-stop health & beauty shop!

  • We are here to stay

We believe that Europe is ready for a more conscious view on skincare and beauty products. We have only just started our mission and planning to stay. We hope you join us on our journey to a more beautiful and healthier community, cosmetic industry and planet.

It’s what we stock what makes us different

Would you like to be different?

Would you like to join us on our mission to create a healthier community, cosmetic industry and planet?

Join us now!