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Create your best hair day with natural shampoo

May 10, 2022

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Natural shampoo, you've probably heard about it, but does it really work? Maybe you've been loyal to your Andrélon hair care for years now, and you probably have heard about natural shampoo, but the price puts you off or your first experience wasn't that good? Or you've been living under a rock all this time and have never heard of it? Whatever your reason is…in this article we will take you through the benefits of a natural shampoo, why it is important for your health and our environment, but most importantly why it is the best choice for your hair and which shampoo is best to use.

When do we speak of a natural shampoo?

A natural shampoo consists of a mix of ingredients with a natural origin without chemical additives, that could be harmful to your health. It contains no parabens, silicons or sulfates. This significantly reduces the chance of a dry scalp, skin irritation or allergic reaction. Instead, the natural ingredients provide a gentle, yet effective cleansing of your hair and scalp.

Some ingredients on the back of your tube may sound like hocus-pocus, but often that name is a scientific term derived from the molecular formula used to incorporate that ingredient into a shampoo. So it doesn't immediately mean it's not natural, even if the name doesn't sound familiar to you. Through the website of the independent database EWG Skin Deep you can easily and quickly check whether or not it is a harmful ingredient.

Is a natural shampoo really better for the environment?

The answer is yes, in most cases a natural shampoo is better for the environment. The formulation of these natural shampoos often takes sustainable raw materials into account to minimize the impact on the environment. To wash your hair thoroughly clean without stripping the natural fats and oils from your hair, you need a surfactant. In conventional shampoos, this substance, which provides a foaming lather, is produced synthetically and often comes from unsustainable sources, think Palm Oil and Petroleum. So rather opt for a natural shampoo based on SCS (Sodium Coco Sulfate) derived from the renewable source of natural fatty acids of Coconut Oil, as in the Cleanse + Refresh Shampoo from the Nourished x Romy collaboration.

Microplastics are also frequently added to shampoos or conditioners to make them easier to wash out. If you realize that these microplastics from your shower drain into our waterways ending up in the oceans, then you can probably imagine what detrimental effects this has on our oceans and the organisms that live there. A useful app has been designed for this, it is called MLPF (My little plastic footprint). You can easily scan the ingredient list of your shampoo and the app reads all the ingredients and tells you exactly if there are microplastics in your shampoo or not. 

Why it's the best choice for your hair and our top 3 best natural shampoos for healthy and beautiful locks.

There are plenty of benefits to switching to natural hair care, like mentioned above. It helps prevent the risk of irritation, has no adverse effects on the environment, and reduces exposure to potentially harmful chemicals in your body. But surely one of the biggest benefits is that a natural shampoo is able to bring your hair back to its natural glory. Instead of creating build up and layers to make your hair look more beautiful, shiny and healthy, a natural shampoo actually makes your hair healthier and  radiant. The intensely nourishing and carefully selected ingredients nourish your hair fibers from the inside out, resulting in beautiful and strong hair from the inside AND out.

We've listed our favorites for you below:

Shampoo, Nourished x Romy Cleanse + Refresh Shampoo, Natural Shampoo, Natuurlijke Shampoo,


Nourished x Romy Cleanse + Refresh Shampoo: this beautifully scented and lightweight shampoo formula is made with star ingredients: Aloe, Vitamin E, Cucumber, and Oats. It provides clean, soft, voluminous hair and calms your scalp. Rhassoul Clay helps to remove excess dirt and oil for effective cleaning of all hair types and in addition, it is also Curly Girl Proof. The tube is made of Post Industrial Recycled Plastic (PIR) from our own soil to minimize our carbon footprint. 


Shampoo, Natural Shampoo, Natuurlijke Shampoo, Vegan Shampoo, Natural Hair Care, Natuurlijke Haarverzorging


Sans [ceuticals] Shampoos: these natural Shampoos from Australian soil come in 3 different varieties:

+ The Balancing Hair Wash, specially developed to restore the scalp barrier and soothe irritation.

+ The Nourishing Hair Wash strengthens and repairs dry, brittle and fragile hair and damage caused by heat styling or chemical processes.

+ Packed with powerful antioxidants, the Volumising Hair Wash adds volume to fine and lifeless hair and encourages healthy hair growth.


Shampoo, Natural Shampoo, Natuurlijke Shampoo, Vegan Shampoo, Natural Hair Care, Natuurlijke Haarverzorging


Bondi Wash Shampoos: utilizing the powers and scents of unique Australian botanicals with a luxurious blend of a variety of essential oils, these shampoos are 100% natural and offer an absolute spa treatment for your hair.

+ The Cleansing Shampoo uses native plant extracts such as: Lilly Pilly, Banksia, Rosella, Sydney Peppermint & Rosemary, making it the perfect shampoo for anyone with normal to oily hair.

+ The Nourishing Shampoo enriched with Australian native plant extracts such as Kangaroo Paw, Banksia, Wattleseed, Fragonia & Sandalwood, is a rich shampoo that nourishes and hydrates your hair and is best for anyone with dry to normal hair.


Make the switch and create your best hair day ever! Shop your new favorite natural shampoo at Nourished!