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5 Products To Get You In The Mood

Feb 09, 2022

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Let’s face it, life is busy. And if you’re hustling day & night you have probably been prone to being a little exhausted, lacklustre and less than in the mood at times. There’s no reason why a successful work & family life excludes success between the sheets. 

Here’s our top 5 eco-friendly products to help you win where it matters the most:

Aromatherapy oil from 100% Pure will relief your stress and helps you relax. This way, you can completely surrender and let go of everything. The perfect start for your bedroom adventure with that perfect tough of spice!

Activator 7 Body + Hair + Face Oil, multifunctional, multifunctioneel, vitamin a, vitamine a, moisturiser, dry skin, droge huid, Nourished, Nourishedeu



Activator 7 Oil  - This divine multifunctional body + hair + face oil has been coined a 'Miracle In A Bottle' by beauty industry experts due to its high-dose vitamin formulation & reparative qualities. This multifunctional gem is often used as a face oil, hair serum, shaving oil and makeup oil. 

The Activator 7 Oil not only is scientifically proven to stimulate skin repair, increase collagen production and boost skin strength and elasticity. This ‘Miracle In A Bottle’ can also be used as a:

+ Body Oil
+ Bath Oil
+ Massage Oil 

Get clean, oil yourself up and get ready for some fun! 


 All Natural Lubricant


Water-based, natural and vegan lube - This all natural lubricant can be used with or without partner, it's multifunctional as it can be used as a personal lubricant for masturbation, a soothing gel for chapped body parts and can be combined with sex toys. The hypoallergenic & vegan formulation doesn’t contain any artificial fragrance or colour and is not tested on animals. 

The Water-Based Natural and Vegan Lubricant can be safely used with all latex condoms and silicone based toys. For pleasure without condoms, we love the MyLubie Intimite Oil Lubricant



Eva II Hands Free Vibrator, Dame, Dameproducts, Vibrator, Vibe, Sex, pleasure, Nourished, Nourishedeu

Dame vibes Throw your inhibitions aside, explore new roles and discover new sexual & emotional depths with Dame! Dame vibes are designed, engineered and tested by women FOR the pleasure of women. 
All of Dame’s Vibes guarantee fun in the sack, but the Eva II is Dame's best selling vibe. Designed for use during intercourse, Eva II is the perfect couple’s vibrator as it offers clitoral stimulation during penetrative sex. Its flexible & soft wings gently tuck under the labia for a snug fit, whilst its body is is able to deliver sensual vibration to the clitoris to enhance pleasure during sex. Eva loves to show off in the bedroom AND bathroom thanks to its waterproof skills. Could this be the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift? 




My Lubie Ultra Thin Natural Condoms  - Get closer to your partner and enjoy yourself with the Ultra Thin Natural Condoms from MyLubie. These natural condoms are thin enough for the ultimate best feeling while giving the desired protection against not only pregnancy but also STDs. The condoms are created from Regenerative Rubber and is a Malaysian initiative that promotes agroforestry where latex is created from rubber that has been responsibly extracted from trees. Be prepared the natural way. 








Want more? We know how it goes… once you start you can’t stop! Check out more eco-friendly products to help you have more O’s, in our Bedroom collection here