Smokey Eyes In Under 5 Mins


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Dec 22, 2021

Always wanted to master the smokey eye look but concerned your skills aren't strong enough to pull it off? 


We've got you covered for the party sparkle season with our easy to follow tutorial. Simply watch or read below to become a pro in less than 5 minutes. 


Easy & glamorous smokey eyes in under 5 mins

Step 1: Apply the Arnica Concealer to freshly cleansed and primed skin. 


Step 2: Prepare the eyes by gently dusting a little Translucent Corn Powder to the lids using your Blush & Blend Brush. This will reduce any creasing or smudging and creates the perfect canvas for your smokey eyes. 


Step 3: Choose a neutral tone from your Ere Perez Eye Palette to spread over the lid with your Line & Blend Brush, ensuring you blend around the crease of the eye. Erin uses Eye Palette - Beautiful in the tutorial video to create this look.  


Step 4: Sweep one of the darker shades of shadow across the lateral third of the lid with the same brush, ensuring to gently blend as to not leave any harsh lines behind. 


Step 5: Choose one of your shimmer shades. Apply to the middle lid in a downward stroke from the crease of the lid to the lashes. Use your eyeshadow brush to gently blend with the neutral and darker shadows. 


Step 6: Apply a small amount of the lightest shimmer shade with the small tip of your Smudge & Shade Brush to the inner eye angles. This gives a subtle definition and brightens eyes. You may also apply a small amount of this shade to the arch of your brow, bridge of your nose and cupids bow of your lips, in place of a highlighter. 


Step 7: Return to the shade you chose for Step 4 and gently line the outer half of the lashes of the lower eye lid with your Line & Blend Brush


Step 8: Apply Mascara to both top and bottom lashes. We chose the Ere Perez Almond Oil Mascara in Brown for this look. 


Step 9: Finish your look with a great natural lipstick. Follow Erin's cue and go for a nude shade like Runway, or go all out with a bright shade like Carnivale.  



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