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Clean & Green Options for (Wo)Man's Best Friend

Aug 21, 2019

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Dogs have very sensitive skin – just like a baby’s – as such many people find that  their dogs get irritated skin after grooming or after a bath.  Cue to our good friends at Bondi Wash who saw this problem becoming more frequent in the Pooches of Bondi Beach and so set out to make a natural alternative that doesn’t irritate and leaves our furry friends carefree, smelling clean and with the softest fur.


Bondi Wash have specifically created a Paperbark and Lemongrass scent that is used in their dog-range to suit the needs of a dog’s skin. It is gentle and calming, includes oils that will repel insects and will leave them smelling fresh and clean.  Belinda Everingham, founder of Bondi Wash, tells us their Dog Range was definitely a labour of love as it took them a while to perfect this scent to ensure that wet dog, dirty dog smell is abolished.  "We are very happy with the end result. And do feel free to use our Dog Range on humans too – it is perfectly safe!"


Bondi Wash proudly list their plant-based, non-toxic and biodegradable ingredients on the bottle, unlike most dog washes on the market, and do not use known irritants such as Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, synthetic fragrances or harsh preservatives.  "We also have included fur softening ingredients such as Vitamin E and sunflower seed extract to keep your puppy soft for days after being washed!"


We also recommend using the Bondi Wash Mist Sprays to keep pet bedding clean. Thanks to their lab tested proven to kill 99.9% of germs status they are the perfect solution to keeping dog beds and nap spots clean in-between washes. 


You can now find the Bondi Wash Dog Range including Dry Dog Wash, Dog Wash & Dog Conditioner at