Here is a startling fact: The average woman uses 12 products on her skin per day. This exposes her to 185 chemicals that can potentially be absorbed through her bloodstream….every day! -  The Environmental Working Group.

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It is not just the chemicals that of concern but the amount we are using. We apply more chemicals, more times a day than ever before in human history!

That beautiful skin of yours is the largest organ of your body. It is a living, breathing jacket that assists in your heat regulation, excreting nasty toxins and chemicals from your body and absorbs up to 60% of the ingredients you place on it….

You see, your body is an ecosystem and everything that you digest & absorb has an impact on your body’s ability to regulate, adapt, heal & be healthy!

Many of the chemicals we are exposed to through skin care, personal care & beauty products have been linked to:

- Skin allergies & irritations

- Hormonal disruption and imbalance

- Abnormal cellular function and reproduction

- Altered immunity, liver and other important organ function



The way we see it, there are many reasons to go natural:

  1. Your Health & Wellbeing:  If you ask anyone what their greatest asset is the majority will answer their health. Most people are now aware of the detrimental effects of chemicals/toxins in foods and will take active measures to avoid these like buying organic where possible and reading the ingredients label. If we truly want to improve our health & wellbeing and be at our best it should be no different when it comes to our skin care, personal care & beauty products. And not just for ourselves for those we love as well!
  2. The Environment:  We all need to do our part to reduce environmental pollution and choosing natural skin care, personal care & beauty products is another way we can do this. Those nasty chemicals & toxins not only get absorbed by our skin into our bloodstream but also get rinsed into our waterways and emptied into our landfills, toxifying the homes of hundreds of animals. Reducing our use of chemical laden products reduces the need for production and helps to ensure that we have a safer, cleaner environment for generations to come.
  3. Animal Cruelty: Although modern alternative test methods exist, many companies continue to use animals when testing skin care, personal care & beauty products. These animals are forced to swallow & inhale these chemicals and  endure the pain of having caustic chemicals applied to their sensitive eyes and skin. –PETA Using natural & cruelty-free products is kinder to our furry friends as well as ourselves.
  4. Create Global Change: The cosmetic industry is one of the largest and most profitable enterprises in the world. Despite economic difficulties in the world, profitability of the cosmetic industry has been steadily increasing by about 5% each year.- Dingle

By buying safer products & stop buying hazardous ones, we use our hard-earned dollar to drive the change we wish to see in the world.. Encouraging the big companies to make change by impacting their profits.  Ironically, WE the consumer hold the ultimate power. Knowledge and positive action is the way to create change.