Three Warriors is a Nourished Favourite! Erin & Floor have a personal love for this brand. Why? Because the color of the natural fake tan of Three Warriors is nothing like you have ever seen, smelled and felt before. It is simply the BEST!


Three Warriors brings salon quality organic, natural fake tans, face tan and tanning scrubs to the world, minus the nasties. The complete collection of Three Warriors fake tan products are created and made in Tasmania, Australia. 


In 2014, Corbin, the founder of Three Warriors, suffered intense daily migraines, short term memory loss, high blood pressure, hives, brain fog, daily anxiety, unexplained fatigue and full body nerve pain. It was after four-years of endless visits to doctors and specialists and never ending scans and tests, he was diagnosed with Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS), resulting from a build-up of toxins in his body. CIRS is an illness that can take years and years to recover from and Corbin's journey to recovery wasn't easy. His recovery to full health was achieved through looking at his health holistically including changing his diet, sourcing the cleanest organic foods and water and cutting out all the toxins he was being exposed to on a daily basis through his personal care products amongst other things. This life-changing challenge was the defining moment of Corbin's life and his inspiration to creating the toxin-free, organic tanning & skincare brand ‘Three Warriors’.

The philosophy behind Three Warriors is to listen to your body and take care of it by knowing what you’re putting on your skin, and by making changes before poor health forces you to.


All of models Corbin chooses to represent Three Warriors have all had their own health journey, and have come out the other side as the strong and powerful woman they are today. Three Warriors aims to showcase imagery that everyone can relate to by employing diversity and inclusion. 


All the plant-derived ingredient that are used by Three Warriors have been ethically sourced and purposefully chosen for its skin nourishing properties. Three warriors is the first organic tanning company to give back to social and environmental change, with 10% of all profits donated to Wello Water, a social enterprise facilitating life-changing water projects. This makes us want to support Three Warriors even more! 


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Three Warriors Natural Fake Tan, Nourished