Sans [ceuticals] pure, active + multi-functional beauty. 

New Zealand brand Sans [ceuticals] was created by Lucy Vincent, an influential and pioneering innovator in the hair & beauty industry. A former hairstylist & salon owner, Lucy couldn't find the kind of products she wanted to use & so she set out to make her own.

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Sans [ceuticals] formulations were created based on the knowledge that the skin is our largest organ & absorbs 60-70% of what is applied to it's surface. Lucy & her team are guided by four important pillars when creating her products which are represented in the letters of their name:

Seasonal - 

The needs of our skin and hair often change with the seasons. Shifts in our environment and  the climate can have a dramatic effects on skin and hair health & quality. One season may require nourishment and hydration, another exfoliation and repair. Sans [ceuticals] offers prescriptive & tailored approaches for all seasons. 

Active - 

Active ingredients are amplified to high-dose levels to give your skin and hair a massive nutrition infusion. The scientists at Sans [ceuticals] have harnessed potent active ingredients with molecular structures to optimise cell recognition, making these powerful ingredients more easily absorbed for maximum results.

Natural -

In French, sans means without. All Sans [ceuticals] ingredients are sustainable and pure, with no harmful additives. Made fresh in New Zealand in small batches, the Sans [ceuticals] collection is 100% naturally derived.

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Sustainable -

Lucy believes it is better to have fewer items in your bathroom that are used more frequently, ensuring fresher formulations and higher quality. This approach reduces clutter and our environmental footprint, while also being more affordable. Made in New Zealand, Sans [ceuticals] is created with:

+ 100% biodegradable ingredients
+ 100% recyclable packaging
+ Vegetable ink for all print materials
+ Renewable resources

Sans [ceuticals] pure, active + multi-functional beauty.