Optima Nutricosmetics is founded by an Aussie duo: Cate & Karissa. Both ladies have been working for some of the largest health & beauty companies and finally decided to start their own. 

The Story

The connection between the gut and skin is obvious for them, "your skin is like a mirror to your gut health" is what Cate is stating. They hope people start seeing the connection between the inside and the outside of the body. A healthy, natural complexion starts on the inside. 

Skin health is a long-term goal and it starts in your gut, it’s okay to use external skincare and cosmetics, but it’s important to realise whatever we’re trying to mask is an indication of our overall health. That’s why ingestible beauty is really changing the way we think about skincare.” - Karissa. 


 Optima Nutricosmetics, Collagen Powder, Collageen Poeder, Nourished

What makes them different? 

The main goal of Optima Nutricosmetics is to deliver the most effective results in gut and skin health, while complying with the highest standards of sustainable and ethical practice. 

The unique formulation is backed by nutritional science and that is what makes Optima Nutricosmetics stand out from the rest. 

The promise

Take your pink powder drink once a day to make you look and feel your best! The aim is your best skin ever by targeting the gut. This beauty potion is made with pure ingredients, addressing the 4 key pillars to healthy, glowing skin: 

+ Healthy gut and microbiome

+ Supports skin's own collagen production

+ Protects against free radical damage 

+ Optimal nutrition for overall wellness. 

MSC-certified collagen

The collagen used in the pink powder is only certified sustainable marine collagen in accordance with the Marine Stewardship Council standards. Meaning that the collagen is ethically sourced from the North Atlantic waters.

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