This collab was born out of a mutual love of all things natural and the dream of creating the best hair day ever!

The journey began with the creation of the best clean & green dry shampoo, however along with dry shampoo hair can often lose luster, shine & glossiness. And so the collab product became a collab hair capsule including not only a dry shampoo but also a luxurious hair oil + scalp treatment.

With a focus on sustainability we have made both products multi-functional. Our dry shampoo will not only help you lose that greasy look in a shake but also acts as a styling/volumising powder and a scalp treatment. Our luxurious hair oil helps to bring dry damaged hair back to life restoring softness & gloss and calming/soothing sensitive scalps.

Our passion is our gift to you, Enjoy Your Best Hair Day Ever.


Romy, Erin & Floor 

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