INIKA Organic: Natural, Organic Skincare & Makeup from Australia. 

INIKA Organic was one of the early bird pioneers in the natural beauty industry. INIKA made their entrance into the field in 2006, their mission is to discover the most unique and powerful botanicals from around the globe to protect, nourish, revitalize and enhance all skin types and enhance everyone's best beauty features. A complete natural skincare and make-up collection to suit everyone's needs. 

INIKA Organic believes in crafting products that are made with the highest level of Certified Organic ingredients that make you feel radiant, all day, every day. The product performance is utterly important and is used bij Makeup Artist all over the world. INIKA Organic is the only certified organic and natural makeup brand at New York Fashion Week in 2018, 2019 and 2020, with more years to come. 

Quality is INIKA's passion, ingredients are 100% clean, naturally derived minerals and botanical and ethically sourced. Shop the full collection of natural makeup and vegan skincare at Nourished. 

 INIKA Organic | Natural, Organic Skincare & Makeup from Australia | Nourished

INIKA ORGANIC. Pure. Natural. Flawless.