We are super proud to become the first official Black Chicken Remedies stockist in Europe. Since 2016, when the idea of opening a webshop like Nourished was born we already had our eyes on Black Chicken Remedies.


There is only one answer! We just LOVE their deodorant. The oh so famous Axilla Deodorant Paste has been applied under more than 1 million armpits worldwide and counting. We are excited to bring you this amazing brand! 

Black Chicken Remedies is an Australian owned and operated brand. They are a 100% natural skincare company that harnesses the power of nature to create remedial products. This means that all of their skincare has a therapeutic benefit.

How awesome is that!?

Black Chicken doesn't care about beauty trends, they care about healthy skin, minds and bodies! If you’re looking for fruity fragrances or fantastical foamy products you won’t find them in this collection (or at Nourished, sorry!). We want to help YOU to get your best skin… naturally. 

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