SAMPLE Cellular Repair Body + Face Lotion

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Plant-based Cruelty-free Non-toxic Eco-friendly

Sans [ceuticals] has done it again! Another highly active & effective skincare product without any harmful or unnecessary ingredients! The Cellular Repair Body + Face Lotion (10ml) is a highly nourishing emulsion utilising 5% niacinamide and a combination of nourishing lipids that is suitable for the body + face. 

Niacinamide, also known as vitamin B3, is utilised in the best of dermatological skincare as a gold-standard ingredient thanks to its scientifically proven ability to reduce pigmentation, calm redness & soothe inflammation, even skin tone and repair UV damage all whilst stimulating collagen & elastin production.  

Ideal for anyone who experiences:

+ Pigmentation on the body 
+ History of sunbathing, tanning and sun exposure 
+ Red inflamed skin 
+ Dermatitis 
+ Acne 
+ People who prefer a lotion texture

Key Active Ingredients:

Niacinamide : works to stimulate collagen and elastin production, and combats enzymes that break these structures down resulting in an increase in ceramide production and healthier skin barrier function. 

Thanks to its incredible capacity to make change at a cellular level, Niacinamide inhibits transfer of pigment to the surface of the skin thus reducing pigmentation, reduces inflammation and balances the pH of the skin, reduces water loss improving skin hydration and reverses UV damage by boosting the immune response to repair & rejuvenate cellular DNA.

Niacinamide is often referred to as 'the fountain of youth' thanks to its capacity to enhance mitochondrial function. Mitochondria are the batteries that power our cells. As we age this battery can run down, resulting in slower skin regeneration and tired looking skin.  

These actions combined allow healthier, more hydrated & youthful skin and may assist with conditions such as skin pigmentation, dermatitis, acne and dry skin.    

Made in New Zealand. Sustainably Sourced. 100% biodegradable. Cruelty Free.

SAMPLE Cellular Repair Body + Face Lotion

SAMPLE Cellular Repair Body + Face Lotion

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